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Yoga – A Great Way To Lose Weight & Stress

Yoga is more than just a new exercise routine; it’s an entirely new way to connect with yourself and improve your quality of life. Yoga is not simply a physical workout; it’s also a spiritual, mental, and emotional practice that will help you reach your fitness much faster. 

Yoga Poses That Are Effective For Toning Your Body 

There are many yoga poses that will help you reduce your weight. These include the sukhasana, sarvangasana, utkatasana, trikonasana, virabhadrasana, dhanurasana, Bhujangasana and many others. 

These yoga poses will also help you:

Improve Lung Capacity & Strengthen Heart 

Yoga asana helps to strengthen your heart and improve your respiratory system. For example, the sukhasana increases your lung capacity by folding your chest inwards so that more air goes in.

This will improve your lung capacity and help you in getting rid of excess pounds. Likewise, the Sarvangasana increases your heart rate. It tones your muscles and helps you in increasing the flow of oxygen into your body.

Improves Flexibility, Strength & Maintains Blood Pressure 

Another important point about yoga is that it improves your strength, improves your flexibility, calms your nervous system and makes your blood pressure lower. It helps you control your breathing so that you get proper fresh oxygen and avoid illnesses caused by environmental conditions.

It also regulates your digestive system by increasing your metabolism. When you perform yoga postures regularly, you will start losing weight at a steady pace. And once you start losing weight, you can continue with the process as long as you stay committed to the program.

Strengthen Abdominal Muscles & Boost Metabolism 

Yoga poses mentioned above for weight loss will help you develop a good muscular base and strengthen the abdominal muscles. Strengthening the abdominal muscles will help you in getting rid of extra fat deposits. This is one pose that will really boost your metabolism.

Manages Stress Levels 

Stress is another major factor that will affect your weight management. This is one reason why yoga practice is really beneficial to your weight loss plan. When you perform stressful activities, your body releases a certain chemical named cortisol.

Cortisol is responsible for storing fat in your body. You should also be aware that high cortisol levels will cause you to gain weight. High cortisol levels are caused by stress, so it’s your job to deal with them and prevent them from arising when doing yoga practice.

The best way to do this is by practicing asanas that will reduce the amount of stress in your body. You can do yoga that helps you relax and reduce stress, and these poses include the sun salutation, seated forward bend, twisting condor, plank, half-moon, cobra, bow pose, and other poses.


When you practice yoga regularly, you will notice that your nervous system becomes calmer. You will notice that your cortisol levels will start to decrease, your blood pressure will drop, your cholesterol will lower, your energy will increase, and your digestion will improve.

Your metabolism will improve and hormones like serotonin will boost, resulting in the reduction of stress levels. Yoga is a wonderful exercise that not only helps with weight loss but with overall health. And along with yoga, have healthy foods like a protein bar, muesli, etc, for good nutrition and better results. 



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