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Wooden Watches for Men

Wooden watches for men are a great alternative to the bulky and unappealing stainless steel counterparts. They give a rugged, masculine image, and an investment that is considerably more durable. Of course, they are also much more likely to last longer. There are two main types of handmade watch available on the market. These include the pre-loud chronograph, which have a tiny seconds hand that clicks when the seconds hand hits zero, and the quiet and traditional lever-type watches, which are powered by a spring, have no seconds hand and have a safety minute hand.

A popular look for Wooden Watches for Men is the natural wooden dial. The natural wood effect lends a feeling of class and authenticity to a classic-style watch. It can be finished in a variety of colours, with the depth and shade of the wood depending on the finishing process. You might opt for a highly polished and blemish free white dial, for a sharp, modern look; alternatively, you could opt for a more rustic, worn-in look that is appropriate for all occasions. The colours range from a lightly distressed appearance to a natural honey tone.

Another style of wooden watches for men are the more elaborate and personalized options. They can be tailored to your specifications, including your personal image or a specific message. Many have a single engraved image of someone or something that has a special meaning for you. Some collectors prefer to display their collection as a collection of objects, with specific, designated items that are seen as representative of their personality and taste. If you opt for a more complex option, your supplier can provide a customised leather strap or wristwatch band. Alternatively, your supplier may also supply a bespoke made natural wood case.

Wooden watches for men are generally available on the internet and come in a variety of designs, including leather, stainless steel, silver and more. You can often order a custom designed, wooden timepiece as well. Regardless of the style you choose, it is advisable to check that your supplier offers both standard and personalized watch styles, so that you can choose one that suits your personal preferences.

As with other types of watches, wooden watches for men can be bought as a single unit, but most commonly they are bought in pairs, with a wooden, or a steel, bi-metal, or quartz self-winding movement. Some watches also feature a leather band and a stainless steel bracelet. A popular choice is a two-piece, double rolled leather, bi-metal or quartz wristwatch with a large illuminated dial. If you are looking for something more unique, you can choose a leather, stainless steel, bi-metal or bi Quartz movement, and place your name or logo on the leather band.

When looking for a way to decorate your watch, the choices are endless. One option is to buy a leather, stainless steel or bi-metal band and have an engraved message or logo placed on it. Another option is to add a sapphire crystal to the face of the dial. If you prefer engraved wooden watches for men, a single large or two small sapphires can be used, along with either a black or brown, or a green, red or blue dial.

The type of material used in a wooden watches for men’s case, bracelet and dial will depend on how the item is worn, as well as the type of movement being used. For example, a stainless steel chronograph worn casually will not benefit from a wood case, as the weight of the metal would make the case too heavy for the thin, delicate wood. However, if a man is wearing a heavier metal, such as a gold or silver chronograph, then he can choose an acrylic or rubber band. If he were to use a wood, he might want to choose mahogany, cedar or rosewood, for the rich deep-woods of the wood and for the distinctive grain patterns found in some types of wood. Other types of wood can be more expensive but also more durable.

It is easy to see that the choices for a man’s watch are almost limitless. If you are looking for an old-fashioned, handsome Wooden Watches UK for him, you will find that there is an endless array of designs and styles to choose from. Your choice of a bracelet will be influenced by his personality, or by the type of movements you prefer, whether you are looking for a traditional mechanical or a quartz chronograph. If you are not sure which type of movement is best for him, you can ask him what he does and how he likes his watch. For timeless elegance, consider getting him one of his classic handmade natural clocks for his wall.

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Wooden watches for men are a great alternative to the bulky and unappealing stainless steel counterparts.


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