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Who invented the packaging and what was the purpose of packaging?

Custom packaging boxes are sturdy, durable, high-quality, and heavy-duty. They derive the main strength from the cardboard construction and prove quite handy in ensuring safe transportation of the products. For the products that require extra care or protection, partitions can make to prevent the effects such as knocking. The possibilities of having them in a specific shape or size are endless, and they come with some exciting features as well. Window cut design, pull-out, gable, magnetic closure, and perforations are just to name a few. Their highly smooth texture gets appreciate by numerous product manufacturers as it helps in marketing their brand to the world. Ranging from logo designing to product specifications, anything can print on these boxes. There are several techniques that can help you improve the aesthetic appeal, such as foil stamping, spot UV, gloss, and so on.

Custom packaging boxes are using to carry, store, and preserve many of the prized commodities. It is really hard to believe, but these boxes are existing for more than two hundred years now. Today, they are a go-to choice of many product manufacturers for transporting and marketing their products. When we talk about their history, there is no official story in this aspect. But, several publications and organizations have put in efforts to trace the history of these boxes. 

History of invention

The first-ever reference to the cardboard packages dates back to the 19th century when they use for a German game. It happened in 1817, and some of the references credit the invention of these packages to the England-born industrialist Malcolm Thornhill. A few publications also attribute their origination to the business M. Tiverton & Son. The initial packages simpley paperboard and were not corrugated, so they were not so durable and sturdy. 

How it evolved?

After the initial invention, a new innovation through corrugation was introduced in these boxes in 1856. At first, corrugated paper was invented to be used as a liner in the manufacturing of hats. The higher strength of the single-sided corrugated paper made its use widespread as a shipping material. In 1874, this design was improved further, and a corrugated board with liner on both of its sides was created. One of the first corrugated shipping boxes was finally made in 1895 in the United States of America. With the advent of the 20th century, wooden crates and shipping cartons begin to be substituted by these corrugated packages. The lighter weight and ease of use were the two things that made their use widespread across all the world. 

What came before these boxes?

In the past, the use of wooden crates was prevalent in the transportation and shipping of commodities from one point to the other. Although they were good at providing protection, they were expensive. A lot of raw materials were used in the construction of wooden crates that made them too costly for the smaller businesses. They weighed so much that it was almost impossible to handle them individually. The increased weight also contributed to the enhanced shipping costs and increased environmental impact of the businesses. Despite their many negative aspects, it was hard to replicate these crates on a large scale. With the corrugated packaging supplies coming to the scene, the product manufacturers had no other option but to opt for them. 

Primary Purpose

The fundamental purpose of shipping boxes UK was to provide all kinds of protection and easy handling of the products. The corrugated texture provided them an added advantage in resisting all sorts of physical impacts. Whether it is the application of external pressure or abrasive forces, they do not wear or tear easily because of the sound structure. Environmental stressors such as extreme temperatures, high-velocity wind, and moisture are keeping at bay as well. However, there was also an opportunity to improve the barrier properties further by increasing the amount of corrugated material used in their manufacturing. These boxes also provided ease of use to the handlers because of their excellent lighter weight.

Secondary Purpose

Apart from serving the primary purpose of protection, shipping boxes UK can utilize in several other aspects. Over the years, they have become an incredible marketing tool that acts as a booster for different businesses. The companies are benefitting by printing their brand-related elements on these boxes, which in return procure them more recognition. No matter what items you are selling, you could print down all the particulars on these boxes. This information gets view by a larger audience that serves a great deal in augmenting the net profitability of a business. They also matter greatly in lowering the overall carbon footprint of a company because of their eco-friendly nature. This eco-accommodating feature pays off in the attraction of more eco-minded people who then become your loyal customers. 

Custom packaging boxes are there for a couple of hundred years, and different innovations introduced to them since then. They have become a need of all sorts of businesses as they come with some exclusive features that are indispensable for success. They are excellent for storing, moving, and branding your products at an affordable rate.



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