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Which procedure is best? – Hair transplant or the PRP Hair restoration

Are you among those who are frustrated with the thinning and the balding of the hair? If yes, then today’s article is for you.

Although there are OTC Creams and various kinds of shampoos that can give you the results, sometimes your hair loss condition is so intense that none other than a hair transplant in Vizag can make you achieve the desired results.

Which are the most popular hair restoration procedures?

It is the hair transplant and the PRP hair restoration procedures which are  most popular. It depends on the diagnosis to find out which hair restoration procedure works best.

What Is A Hair Transplant?

Hair Transplant in Kakinada is famous because it provides natural results. It is a surgical technique that involves the extraction of the hair from one part of the body and then they are transplanted to the bald region.

One of the commonly renowned benefits of the same is that it is an outpatient surgery which means that you need not spend a night in the hospital. From the next hour, after the hair transplant is performed, you can go home.

How much does it take for the hair transplant surgery to complete?

Based on the dimensions of the bald area, the surgery may take anywhere from 4 to 8 hours.

What does the procedure involve?

First of all the procedure involves the surgeon injecting the local anaesthesia to the bald area. Once injected then a strip of the skin is removed and the grafts could be extracted from the same. The extracted grafts are placed in the balding area and the follicles which are not growing and whose growth is stationary are removed to make space for the new hair to grow.

What does PRP Hair restoration mean?

PRP hair restoration procedure involves extracting platelet-rich plasma from the blood. This procedure is known for rejuvenating and accelerating hair growth for certain areas of the body. This treatment is best suited to those patients who experience illness or the hair follicle growth of which slows down but they are not dying completely.

Which hair transplantation procedure is better – PRP Hair Restoration or Hair Transplant?

It is only the doctor who can decide which hair restoration procedure is better for the patient based on his condition. If you are suffering from thinning or balding hair, then you need a procedure that is tailored to your needs. And a hair transplant is one such procedure.

If on the other hand, the growth of your hair is slowing down just because of some hair loss condition or other medical condition , then PRP hair restoration procedure is the right option for you.

Final Comments!

If you are the one who is also suffering from the hair loss condition and want to get the instant results of getting rid of the same, then you must consult VJs Cosmetic Surgery & Hair Transplantion Centre. You will get the guaranteed results for the same.



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