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Which is the Best Credit Card in India in 2021?

Around 52 million people in India owned a credit card in 2019. This number has, since then, steadily increased as more individuals turned to the usage of credit in times of financial distress. We recognize how important a credit card is in everyone’s daily life.

 From making mere transactions to using the integrated rewards to make more transactions, credit cards have a potent influence in our lives, and choosing which one to invest in is, thus, imperative as well. Credit cards with integrated reward features, in specific, are very important to look for as they have the power to significantly lower the financial burden that comes along with completing a transaction. 

Supplementary features are an added benefit as well, and must be paid heed to. We provide you with a list of the best credit cards in India. The list will include one credit card from different credit-granting institutions so that you are also aware of the different institutions that dispense some of the best credit services. 

Keeping in mind the various consumers and the diverse backgrounds that they have, we list down different credit cards and elucidate why they are the best in their respective jurisdictions. It must be noted that these credit cards are the best in our opinion and research must be done by an individual before investing in the below-mentioned credit cards.

1.     Bajaj Finserv RBL Bank SuperCard

This SuperCard has recently become popular amongst consumers and is known by many as being the best credit card in India. Living up to its label of being ‘super’ in the eyes of customers in India, and being the best rewards credit card in India, this card is aided by interest-free cash withdrawals for up to 50 days from automated teller machines (ATMs), with a processing fee of only 2.5%.

2.      Axis Bank’s Ace Credit Card

With a joining fee of only Rs. 499 (reversed after Rs. 10,000 is spent in the first 45 days), you can attain this high cashback credit card. The 2% cashback is one of its most alluring features. You are also offered a 4% cash back after using the card to pay for Ola, Swiggy, and Zomato, a 5% cashback on mobile recharge and bill payments through Google Pay, and no overall maximum limit on the cashback garnered. 

Four complimentary lounge visits are provided for every calendar year. It must be remembered that the renewal fee is Rs. 499 which gets reversed on spending Rs. 2 lakh or more during the preceding year. Finally, you are also provided with a waiver of up to Rs. 500 per month, with fuel transactions between Rs. 400 and Rs. 4,000.

3.       HSBC’s Visa Platinum Credit Card

The continuous rewards that come with this prestigious card are the reason behind its rise to fame. Warm welcomes are provided to you during the first 90 days after you own this card with the provision of a 10% cashback on all purchases (this is dependent on the total transactions being made amounting to higher than Rs. 10,000, and at least 9 transactions being made as well). 

You can also be an exclusive member of the HSBC Dining Privileges club and earn EXTRA points at selected EXTRA departments. Finally, if at least Rs. 50,000 is spent in a month, you can avail movie tickets worth Rs. 500, and if at least Rs. 400,000 is spent annually, you can earn 5 times the rewards on your transactions.

 This is aided by integrated robust security features such as zero fraud liability and in-hand security, and the provision to avail emergency loans for 90 days with a 1.16% p.m. interest rate. You can also avail Bajaj Finserv privileges by getting attractive discounts at partner stores, and getting a 5% cashback on down payments at Bajaj Finserv EMI Network partner stores. This down payment can also be availed by the utilization of accumulated reward points. 



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