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Which Indian high school curriculum is best for your child in Dubai?

Dubai is the world’s most famous travel industry objective. A large number of individuals travel to Dubai every year to encounter the extravagances that the city has to bring to the table. This doesn’t come as an unexpected surprise that Dubai has the second-most elevated number of five-star inns. It is additionally home to the world’s tallest structure Burj Khalifa, which is likewise a center for global vacationers. Dubai, as far as we might be concerned today, was a little fishing town, thinking back to the eighteenth century. Following quite a while of improvement, it has now developed to turn into a cosmopolitan city of the 21st century. 

Education in Dubai 

Dubai has as of late been getting worldwide acknowledgment for accentuating schooling. Dubai has made instruction one of its needs. An ever increasing number of students can create utilization of this open door to get training in their preferred field. 

There are more than 300 public and non-public schools in Dubai. The state funded schools in Dubai are controlled by the Ministry of Education of the United Arab Emirates. The tuition based schools are run autonomously. Every one of these schools cover a huge assortment of schedules and educational plans that the students can browse. The mode of instruction in Public schools is Arabic while English is the auxiliary language. Non-public schools then again follow English as their mechanism of instruction. 

The Best Curriculums offered in Dubai High Schools 

Worldwide schools and tuition based schools have been taking over in Dubai. Worldwide schools in Dubai give a tremendous assortment of educational plan programs that they offer. The point of presenting an assortment of educational plans is that it allows the students to have the chance to pick their preferred surge. 

The two significantly adored and acknowledged educational plans in schools across Dubai are: 

  • The IB educational plan 
  • The CBSE educational plan 

More about IB educational program 

In Dubai, in excess of 15 schools have presented IB profession related projects in their educational plan. IB schools in Dubai are globally perceived educational systems that have acquired a ton of consideration as of late. IB represents International Baccalaureate and these educational systems are frequently joined with different professional capabilities. IB frameworks joined with BTEC courses permit more freedoms for students. This educational program is well known among High School students of Dubai. 

IB confirmation programs are presented in High schools for a course of two years. That is the eleventh and twelfth grades. This course is taken up by students to have a more grounded establishment prior to venturing into colleges. Secondary Schools like Global Indian International schools have presented the IBDP courses in their educational plan. This program in a manner improves the students’ abilities to prevail at a physical, scholarly, and enthusiastic level. 

The IBDP can be taken up by students between the age gathering of 16-19. The educational plan for this course in GIIS comprises of six subjects alongside the DP center. This subject mix compensates for a standout amongst other educational program courses that International schools in Dubai have to bring to the table. It guarantees that the students seeking after this course have the best potential for success at accomplishing their objectives and landing the perfect positions. 

More about CBSE educational program 

The CBSE educational program is an Indian educational plan that is extensively instructed in tuition based schools in Dubai. Dubai has more than 20 Indian High Schools that offer CBSE educational programs. CBSE represents The Central Board of Secondary Education. This educational program generally works with students from class 1 to class 12. The CBSE educational program is an acknowledged and perceived educational program all throughout the planet. 

GIIS is one of those global schools in Dubai that have adjusted and presented the CBSE educational program. This educational program is instructed in their schools and secondary schools all throughout the planet and at Dubai grounds also. GIIS has secondary schools in Dubai that take a gander at the all encompassing instruction of the CBSE educational program. As a comprehensive schooling educational plan, it permits students to zero in on both the scholarly and their preferred extracurricular exercises. It is additionally known to help get ready students for different series tests all through their school and secondary school life. 

The CBSE educational plan ensures the free all-around development of every student. It empowers the students to utilize their insight down to earth all through the course. It is an educational plan that takes a gander at the general development of its students. Find out about the Indian High School Fee structure on the web. 


Both the educational plans have positives as they are both perceived educational programs across the world. The best chances are given to students in each of these educational plans. Indeed, even with an alternate point of convergence, both the IB recognition program and the CBSE educational plan have the best of chances and openness for their students universally.



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