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What Makes Anarkali The Perfect Pick For Wedding Functions? How To Style For Different Events?

Anarkali suits are undoubtedly the perfect pick for weddings; The look gives an elegant touch to the overall look. An anarkali suit can be worn for any occasion, from mehendi to a wedding. Whenever there is a wedding on the horizon, then make sure to have a few anarkali suit collections to make an impression. In case you don’t own an anarkali suit yet, you can try anarkali kurti online shopping, where you will have a variety of choices for every wedding ceremony. 

The anarkali suits have had a profound effect on generations. The material of an anarkali suit can be varied. During movie promotions, interviews, and wedding events, we can often see Bollywood actresses wearing anarkali suits. These suits can be worn for many occasions, including both intimate functions and grand events. 

Below are some tips on how you can style yourself for the next wedding around the corner.

Haldi Ceremony

The purpose of the haldi ceremony is to enhance the bride’s beauty with the touch of turmeric. People dance and enjoy the celebration in a fun environment. It would be nice to embrace a relaxed vibe with a light weight anarkali suit. Yellow or orange is considered to be auspicious on this day, so it is wise to wear a bright color while choosing your anarkali suit.

Mehendi Ritual

An essential part of the Mehendi Ceremony is applying Henna to the bride’s hands and feet. An Indian bride’s mehendi is an important part of her wedding. Wearing an anarkali suit exquisite jewellery is a good match for such a grand function. Get your hands on green shade while you go for anarkali kurti online shopping as it’s the most popular choice for mehendi functions.

Sangeet Function

In Hindu traditions, sangeet is considered to be the most interesting pre-wedding ceremony for women. Singing, dancing, and celebrating the happiness of the wedding are the essence of the occasion. An Indian wedding sangeet is a much anticipated event, so wearing a voluminous anarkali with extravagant jewelry, a high-impact hairstyle, and comfortable heels is the perfect combination.

Engagement Ceremony

Engagement parties are typically private gatherings attended only by close relatives and friends from both the groom’s and the bride’s families. During the ceremony, they exchange rings as a symbol of their commitment. A beautifully designed, and yet very attractive anarkali suit is a good way to turn heads at this event. Adding heavy jhumkas to an anarkali suit makes it more elegant and gives it a sophisticated appearance.

The Wedding Day

The wedding day is the D-day for which everything has been planned, and on that day you should look your best. Whether it’s your friend’s wedding or your relative’s marriage, it’s imperative you dress splendidly. On this day, an elegant anarkali suit with intricate embroidery and dazzling jewelry is needed, as well as intense make-up. Anarkali suits can be enhanced with heavy maang tikkas and embellished dupattas to flawlessly complete the look.


Anarkali suits are ideal for all types of wedding functions, which makes them extremely desirable. You just have to get an anarkali suit for yourself that suits your style and the occasion you’re attending. Several e-commerce portals such as Paislei offer anarkali kurti online shopping at affordable prices.

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