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What Led To Jannat Mirza VS Bushra Ansari; The Ugly Feud

If you have been seeking juicy Pakistani entertainment news, you would be delighted to know about a recent interesting encounter between a young  Pakistani TikTok sensation, Jannat Mirza, and iconic television artist Bushra Ansari!

Who would have thought, right?!

Not very long ago, Jannat Mirza was seen wearing a cross pendant around her waist in several of her videos on Instagram. Consequently, she was subjected to a series of merciless cancellations. Realizing the gravity of her mistake, Mirza immediately apologized to the entire Christian community of Pakistan.

However, the worst was yet to come!

When Bushra Ansari saw the video, she found it exceedingly objectionable and thus she couldn’t stop herself from commenting on one of the videos.

What did Bushra Ansari comment?

Ansari’s comment was shockingly harsh. She wrote “” Aikdurfittehmun to bantahai, in jaahil stars par afsos. Na Islam kapatanakisiaur religion ka.” This translates to ‘curses for these disappointing and ignorant stars. They don’t know Islam nor any other religion”.

How did Jannat Mirza respond?

Absolutely and understandably appalled Jannat, could not think of any response other than, “You can’t judge anyone without knowing the facts!”

This was only Jannat’s opening comment and since she had not expected an artist as celebrated as Bushra Ansari to call her out publically like this, she could not help but further wrote,” Aap Islam kikesebaatkarsaktihain, kesekisipetanqeedkarsaktihain jab aapkhud dance kartihain, khud singing kartihain, khud dramas kartihain?”

The comment translates to,  “How can you talk about Islam or criticize someone else’s religiosity when you dance, sing, and do dramas yourself?”

Given the age and status difference between the two celebrities, a comment like this was too heavy.

Mirza was heartbroken beyond anything because even after the latter comment, she didn’t try to refrain herself. A few hours later, she created an Instagram story of her and Bushra’s exchange of comments and wrote.

“This is not okay at all!”

“Please do not judge anyone without knowing anything, AmmaJee,” she continued, adding, “I respect you a lot but you can’t defame anyone without knowing the facts.”

As though, this was not enough, Jannat added another statement:

“Islam kibaatapkesekarsaktihain aunty, ap koi tableeghijamaatnahichalarahin.”

What Jannat meant by that was:

How are you talking about Islam? You’re not running an Islamic movement here.”

Moreover, Jannat said that she has learned that Bushra does not have a heart and thus she believes that one must look at themselves before they could be rude to someone else.

After this episode, Jannat’s Instagram stayed active as she started to upload various posts and stories. Jannat then addressed the issue per se, she apologized to her again, Jannat Mirza further clarified that the pendant was her PR package by a re-known brand.

Outrage by TikTok community

Since both big celebrities have a huge number of followers, this confrontation went viral within no time.

Although it didn’t create much difference for Bushra’s friends, Jannat’s TikTok peers could not hold it back. They called out Bushra publicly and demanded an apology from her as well.

Bushra Ansari’s response

After being lashed out by Jannat and her friends, our Udaariactress took to social media again and explained the intention behind her statement. According to her. Jannat should have understood or tried to understand her stance. The Dolly kiDoli star went further saying that she didn’t know who Jannat was and so she didn’t know about her apology either. She then said that the instant she saw Jannat’s apology, she immediately deleted her comment. Bushra didn’t hold back from confessing her distaste for the kind of response she received from Jannat and her friends.


Although Bushra’s comment under Jannat’s video came across as too harsh, we can’t bring ourselves to second Jannat’s response either.

Not only was Jannat’s argument straight-up disrespectful, but it was also ridiculous on many levels. Mirza should have worded it all better because Bushra’s dancing, singing, and acting have never been anything to do with Islam and she never claimed them to be. The sentiment behind Bushra’s comment was that young people should educate themselves not just in their religion but also in the minorities. Rather than understanding where Bushra was coming from, Jannat came forward with a bizarre argument.

This is the latest entertainment news in Pakistan, but it is stirring many profound debates. For instance, should people refrain from bringing religion if they are not ritualistically religious, and should the younger generation tolerate bullying from adults in the name of respecting them?




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