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What do you understand by Data Management and Analytics?

We are here with a more technical issue that may be interested in entering our lives today… with terms such as the law of protection of personal data in recent years we have started to hear. What It Is And How Companies Benefit From Data Analysis In Web Design Process? Is It Possible To Prepare Creative Designs According To The Data? We will answer your questions…

What is Data Management?

Today, the amount of information, collection speed and mobility of each sector in the market increase exponentially with each passing year. Data science; It is the analysis of data obtained from different fields and making them available to benefit. The most important point here is that the data is available. Data does not represent a value until it is transformed into information and used. Therefore, it is necessary to make a correct meaning from the data. In short, it is about providing data management and analytics correctly. For example; our physical properties are data, our height, weight etc. 

If we measure and save it regularly, we turn the data into information. Today, in the competitive environment of the brands, those who can keep up with all the changes and follow the current can stand. Changing consumer behavior and expectations create new decision-making processes. Businesses need to work data-oriented in order to be able to manage their customers effectively and in the long term. With the data storage process, customer management solutions emerge. Firms offer appropriate options by managing customer information and behavior. This increases customer satisfaction and minimizes customer loss.

How to Manage Data?

Each sector manages data analysis processes according to their needs. There are different steps in this process; By deciding the objectives, some strategies should be developed to measure whether the enterprises can proceed in accordance with their goals. The performance results generated by these strategies should be examined early. To create better models and gain more actionable information, it is necessary to obtain as much data as possible from a variety of sources. It should be ensured that the correct data are obtained, the quality of the data should be improved. Incorrect withdrawal of data leads to a wrong analysis and leads to misdirection for the next period.

How Companies Benefit From Data Analysis In Web Design Processes? 

We are in a new society structure that started with the development of computer technologies. We live in the center of information and in a world where information can be accessed via communication networks. In short, with the opportunities provided by communication technologies, we put information at the center as a means of serving people in economic and social life.

Is It Possible To Prepare Creative Designs Based On The Data?

The information obtained in the information sector is transformed into data and web design services are provided accordingly. User habits are determined and creative designs are prepared accordingly. Details such as which buttons a user clicks on a site, how many minutes he spends, the most searched words, what he finds easy and difficult are all data and when these are taken into account, data management and analytics is provided correctly.



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