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What do Woollen Gloves can do other than providing heat in Winters?

One of the most popular lines of protective fabric gloves are wool gloves. They are made of 100% cotton diagonal wool or square wool, with solid, thorough seams, quite spacious with 2 layers of thick wool and thin lining fabric, thanks to which good ventilation. You can easily recognize them with their distinctive ivory white color and are extremely cheap.

Women’s woollen gloves have many advantages such as reasonable price, suitable for many types of objects, extremely easy to find, high elasticity and no need to choose the size because it only has 1 size for men. As for the downside, wool gloves are waterproof, if going to rain; it will cause cold hands, difficult to drive and especially low shelf life, easy to fray, wool. 

Versatility of the Woollen Gloves

Woollen gloves are not a specialized line, but they have an average fireproof, anti-cold, heat-resistant, sun-proof and cut-proof effect. We often encounter them commonly in jobs such as unloading goods, carrying heavy objects, workers loading and unloading goods in factories and factories. Some lines of cut resistant gloves are used in wood, craft and mechanical factories.

Woollen gloves are one of the essential and important items widely used in the work of labor protection today, especially in heavy work, often using hands. Everyone knows the hands are one of the most important parts of the human body, used to work and make valuable items. However, during the working process, workers’ hands must be constantly in contact with sharp objects or dangerous objects. Therefore, workers need to use protective gloves to avoid injury and protect their hands completely.

Provides help in Working in Winters

In many risky cases, the occurrence of occupational accidents is unavoidable, especially when the rate of occupational accidents related to hands is getting higher and higher. Many of them permanently lose the ability to grip, limit the initiative in daily biology and cause serious consequences. Therefore, labor protection products such as yarn gloves, wool gloves were born to help workers’ hands stay healthy and safest. Especially, in construction sites or environments frequently exposed to chemicals, the safety of electric workers is always a top concern.

If you do not use fiber gloves or protective wool gloves, it will make it difficult for workers to perform their work, and psychological fear and anxiety lead to distraction. In addition, in the construction works, there are many sharp and sharp materials such as steel, bricks, nails… surrounded everywhere, so wearing quality fiber woollen gloves is the simplest way to avoid workers from being scratched. As for those who work in the environment of welding and cutting stones, fiber gloves, wool gloves are really important to help the workers feel more confident and comfortable.

Currently on the market there are many types of yarn gloves, wool gloves, which are widely produced and sold, but their materials and quality are not guaranteed. Therefore, choosing where to supply high quality protective gloves to ensure safety is a necessary and interesting thing for employees.



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