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What are the reasons to run a food truck business instead of a restaurant?

Nowadays, individuals like to spend on those things which can give them what they want. One such trend which has gained everybody’s attention is the food truck business. The well-known and best food truck Werribee is the first preference of the customers. Moreover, it is expected that the projected revenue growth for the food truck in the next 5 years will be 3.7%. If we talk about the industry total then it is likely to reach the mark of $1.7 billion. Food trucks are known for offering quality food with the best food truck catering Melbourne & much more. Let’s talk you through the reasons why you should run a food truck business instead of a restaurant.

  • Minimal Initial Investment

From the above facts, it is evident that starting your food truck is beneficial. It is one of the high-profit food businesses because the fact that investment is required is low. Even when you plan to start you can use an old food truck and then start accordingly. To be precise, you can start the food truck with an initial investment of less than 10 Lakh. After that, you need the right type of equipment so that you can start in the right manner. 

  • Food truck needs minimal operation cost

When you plan to set up a restaurant you need to invest in several options which are automatically expensive. On the other hand, for the food truck, the month-to-month expenses are limited and you need to start with having a small team. Moreover, the repair and other expenses are minimal when it comes to the food truck business.

  • Customers prefer food truck food

Now! Our final goal is to serve the customers and there would not be any fun if the customers do not prefer your food. Studies have shown that people prefer to have Indian food over anything. The food truck meal can start from Rs 150 to Rs 200 which is extremely economical as compared to the restaurant. So, for a pleasant & budget-friendly meal, this is what you need to have. In addition, the food is prepared in a hygienic environment as compared to the street vendors.

  • Choose the location as per your liking

Now, when it comes to the location you can choose any place as per your choice. Just make sure that you choose wisely where customer footfall will be what you are looking for. In case, you choose a place but you notice that it is not working the way you want then it is better to change the location. If you are planning to park in the posh residential area then make sure that you get the necessary permission. Moreover, different events are happening all year long and you can take part in these to showcase your food talent.

  • Expand your business

It is important to understand that the concept of the food truck business is extremely different as compared to the sit-down restaurant. Planning for the best food truck business is much easier as you can try out new recipes, change your plan, choose different locations, and make your menu the way you like it to be.




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