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What are the 5 questions you need to ask while getting fertility treatment?

In this article, we have mentioned the 5 major questions which you should ask when you visit the best IVF centre in Punjab. Keep in mind that you should never hesitate while asking questions like the test tube baby cost, treatment success rate, and whatever thing comes to your mind.

How can I pay for the fertility treatment? Will the insurance plan cover it?

Well! The fertility treatment plan is most cases not covered by the insurance. Although, you can easily bear the treatment cost as the doctor strategizes the treatment plan by checking your condition. It means you only need to pay for what problem you are going through.

Be it injection or any specific medication you will be paying for what your body needs or what problem you have. Even in the case of males, your treatment will include the semen analysis and other necessary tests to rule out the problem. Your health care plan is going to be made in the best approach you can think of. For any doubts, it is better to talk to the doctor.

Whom should I talk to about the treatment options?

Initially, you need to start talking to the OB/GYN. The doctor will ask you to get the diagnostic test, semen analysis, and measure the hormone levels. Through these tests, it helps to understand better what problem you have and what further steps should be taken. In some cases, the doctor can suggest starting with medication like when there is an ovulation issue and in case of low sperm count suggest some lifestyle changes. If surgery is needed, then you will be told about the same.

How should I select the infertility doctor?

Now, you need to select the best infertility doctor and for that, you need to carefully make the final call. You should talk to people you know, in case someone has undergone fertility treatment in the past. Make sure the one you choose is highly experienced and has done proper training.

To know more about the doctor you should check their website. Look at the patient testimonial, success rate, and all treatment options you can get from them.

How many IVF cycles do I need to get?

In some cases, IUI might not work as the patient’s condition is severe. This is where the doctor will suggest you get IVF treatment. In some cases, the first IVF cycle might give you the results. On the other hand, it might take more than one try for you to conceive naturally. It is better to consult with the doctor about how many cycles you are ready to get.

Do I have the choice of getting a sperm donor/egg donor?

If there is some problem with sperm morphology or the egg is not viable/diminished ovarian reserve, then the doctor will suggest that you improve your conception chances through donor sperm or egg.

So, make sure to ask anything and everything which comes to your mind. The best fertility expert is going to make sure that you have all the necessary information about the treatment.




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