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What to Expect on your First Visit to a Chronic Pain Clinic in Edmonton?

Pain Clinics are run by doctors and physicians who specialize in multiple practices related to physical pain treatment. These doctors provide the best physiotherapy in Edmonton for pain relief. In case of an accident, sports injury or even nerve pain, the right place to visit is a pain clinic near you.

You do not have to worry about the accuracy or their credibility. These physiotherapists and chiropractors will know how to deal with your pain effectively and immediately. Since you do not know how the visit will be spent, we are here to guide you through it.

Anticipation can lead to fighting or flight response and before you take off to procrastinate or delay, go through this page with ease. To help calm your nerves, we have described the different things you can expect when visiting a pain clinic.

When you walk in you are most likely to meet an internal medicine practitioner. They will call you in to the office when your appointment begins.

Medical History

The first thing you will do when you walk into the chronic pain clinic provides your history. You will be asked about your medical condition when it began and how has it progressed now. This step requires complete honesty much like in the rest of the process. Any ambiguities or half-truths will solely negatively impact your diagnosis and recommended treatments. They can even adversely affect your condition.

Physical Examination for the Best Physiotherapy in Edmonton

Your medical practitioner will perform some tests to see the current progress of your health. If you have a sprain in your wrist, they will check to rule out any possibility of carpel tunnel syndrome. Similarly, they will check for other possibilities to confirm your previous diagnosis or self-diagnosis. Your claims and symptoms will be checked overall to create a comprehensive and insightful report.


The chiropractor or the physiotherapist will provide you with the possible treatment plans. These plans are presented with their expenses, timings, and overall description. The doctor will provide a clear picture for you to so that you aren’t confused moving forward. They will also correct or approve your official diagnosis.

These treatments include:

  • Deep Oscillation Therapy
  • Deep Tissue Massage
  • Shockwave Therapy
  • Active Physiotherapy
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Passive Physiotherapy

Appointment Setting

Your doctor will redirect you to the nurse or the intern at the reception. They will set up weekly or monthly appointments depending on your health or condition. They may even recommend a check-up with another medical practitioner within the same facility if you have a very critical or highly specialized case.

You might get an appointment card and a form in which you fill in your credentials. This will help them call you or text you with updates from the chronic pain clinic in Edmonton.

Follow up

Through your progress and after your complete treatment, the pain clinic will stay in touch for updates on a follow-up session. This will be extremely beneficial for you in the long run.



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