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Vicodin: What Side Effects Are Caused!

Many people with coughs have come across a drug such as hydrocodone or Vicodin. It is also known to be used as a pain reliever, which acts quickly, is perfectly absorbed into the bloodstream, although it is available in tablets. Meanwhile, this remedy has a number of contraindications, and its uncontrolled intake and self-medication lead to rapid addiction. That is why Vicodin is included in the list from list number 2, which includes many dangerous drugs.

Composition And Application

Vicodin for sale contains several substances, including hydrocodone, which has analgesic properties, and the pain reliever acetaminophen. This substance does not have such a strong effect as hydrocodone, but only enhances it. Order Vicodin online as these tablets are used to relieve the patient from moderate pain.

Side Effects Caused By Abuse Of Vicodin

Experts categorically prohibit the use of independently, without a doctor’s prescription, drugs such as Gikodan, Lortab, Hikodan, Tylox, and Tussineox, and this is nothing more than the already familiar Vicodin. This is especially true for people who abuse this drug, as this will lead to undesirable consequences in the form of:

  • weakness and severe dizziness;
  • nausea and vomiting;
  • decreased appetite and dry mouth;
  • loss of consciousness and seizures, while the person is haunted by annoying tinnitus, and hearing is often reduced;
  • sweating and yellowing of the skin;
  • yellowing of the eyes;
  • hematomas and bruising.

Abuse of Vicodin leads to complete or partial poisoning of the human body, while its vital functions, including libido, are reduced. In especially difficult cases, cardiac arrest occurs, while only narcologists can save the patient, and only if assistance is provided in a timely manner.

Vicodin: Be Careful!

Experts warn against unauthorized use of Vicodin since the hydrocodone that is part of it can slow down breathing and even cause it to stop. Even with usual doses, persistent addiction can occur in the human body, and drug addicts are most often victims of Vicodin. They don’t notice when they become addicted, and an overdose is a big chance of dying, especially if MAO inhibitors such as Selegiline, Rasalgin, or Phenelzine have been used in the past 14 days.

When To Call A Doctor

The insidiousness of Vicodin lies in the fact that even in small doses it can cause significant harm to the human body. Dark urine and clay-colored stools, yellow eyes and skin, itching, and loss of appetite can be a cause for concern and medical attention. It is also worth stopping taking the drug if you find a rash on the body or observe redness of the skin.

Caution To Parents

Among drug addicts, unfortunately, there are a large number of young people whose bodies have not yet matured, which means that they are the first to be at risk. Therefore, narcologists, namely, they will have to fight for the lives of children, recommend removing Vicodin from the first-aid kit, which is located in an accessible place. Teenagers believe that if the drug is publicly available, it cannot be harmful to health, so they do not understand the consequences of an overdose. Also, parents should pay attention to changes in the psyche and the presence of dangerous symptoms, which are mentioned above. In case of detection of suspicious moments, it is necessary to urgently contact a narcologist.



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