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Understanding the Process of Tool Making

Tools have remained an inseparable part of human lives since years now. Ancient people used it for hunting down animals and for several other purposes. With time, humans have become advanced, and so did their tools.

Modern tools are used for a variety of purposes. They have made human lives easy with the features and usage. Their applications have taken our lives to another level. In other words, it is hard to imagine human lives without tools. A simple day to day work we do cannot be possible without the help of tools.

However, the process of tool manufacturing is as necessary as the applications of tools. Tools are made in several steps. It is why agencies are of different quality and different grades. Different tools are made of different material depending on the purpose they are needed for.

Tool making is a complex process and requires precision and accuracy. The tools are perfectly carved and moulded for best fit and functioning. The toolmakers have to take care of various things to build a handy tool that serves its purpose.

Here are the various steps involved in the process of tool making:

  1. Designing of the tool

The designing of the tool is the first step involved in the tool making. The prior designing of the device is crucial because it reduces the cost of the tools. It is because tool designing effectively estimates the cost involved in making the tool and increases the company’s profit. The tools are created keeping in mind the specific tasks it is supposed to aid in. the tools are now designed on computer and then produced to avoid mistakes and cost for this.

  1. Die set machining of the tool

A die set machine is the equipment that cuts the metal into the desired shape with accurate precision. The device is set according to the design of the required tool. In this way, it cuts the metal according to the prepared invention before starting the tool making. This procedure is advantageous while preparing the tools in mass. It produces the tools in a significant amount and with a tolerance of less than a thousand of an inch. In this way, the manufacturers get accurate and precise rough tools in less time.

  1. Heat treatment of the tool

Heat treatment is one of the most necessary processes in tool making. It is an effective process that alters the properties of the metals. The continuous heating and cooling process enhances the hardness of the tools. It helps in making the tools more resilient and robust. The heat treatment of metals at several temperatures affects the quality of the tools. It relieves the internal stresses of the metals and makes them more durable.

  1. Usage of the Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM)

Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) is the controlled procedure that removes the metal from tools. It is done using the sparks created in the brass wire. The wire carries one electric charge while the tool carries the other. In this way, the sparking produced between the two cuts the metal from the tool precisely.

  1. Die assembly

In the process of tool making, every part is created separately and then joined in the end. To assemble the tool accurately and adequately, die assembly is used. It stamps the part of the tool with great precision. There are metal parts which are combined with non-conducting handles. These are made for convenient  Each step of tool making requires concentration because tools need to be precise to serve the purpose. It is why this whole process requires techniques, skills, precision, and patience.

With all these above processes, the toolmakers forge an appropriate tool. But the process does not stop here. Various tests are done to check the strength and durability of the devices. After complete satisfaction, the tools are shipped for the usage of customers.



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