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Top Electrical Problems at Home and Role of Professional Electricians

Electrical contractors are businesspeople who execute specific construction work based on installation, design, and maintenance of the electrical systems. Electrical contractors are not electricians. Electricians work as an individual tradesmen while electrical contractors are people from business firms that provide work for electricians. Electrician and electrical contractors both hold insurances and licenses to manage the business safely and properly protect the business owners or homeowners and the employees from the insurance burden.

Different Types of Electrical Contractors

You will get a variety of electrician and electrical contractors each focusing on a technology or application. Few examples of electrical contractors comprise of electrician, network installer or alarm installer, low voltage contractor etc. Each field includes its own set of techniques and skills along with individual set of rules and regulations.

  • Electricians – They are the most familiar type of electrical contractors. They work in both residential as well as commercial situations. They perform various tasks such as outlet and switch wiring, utility hook ups, installation of electrical breaker box, installation of fixture and electrical interface related activities. Electrician and electrical contractors must clear a certification test to get a license from the state for their work. The work that is performed by the electricians which is inspected by the local electrical inspectors. Sometimes the electricians appoint helpers who help in the installation of fixtures or wiring. They have to report to a licensed contractor who will further certify and inspect their work.
  • Low Voltage Contractors – Anything less than 600 VACS is considered as low voltage by most of the governing bodies. Low voltage contractors are the alarm installers, telephone technicians and the computer network engineer. This type of work requires voltage which is very nominal, to perform analog or data signals rather than using raw electricity. The low voltage contractors of some states can apply for a specific license for their work. There is supervised by licensed electricians and electrical contractors.
  • Outside Plant – The electrical contractors who maintain and install high voltage transmission lines between electric company services are designated as outside plant. They are licensed electricians with special training for their work.
  • HVAC Contractors – These types of electrician and electrical contractors work with residential and commercial air conditioning and heating tools. HVAC tools present special risks due to high voltages and their immediacy to high water or moisture. In some states require HVAC license separately.

Top Electrical Problems at Home:

  • Electrical Surges– There can be various reasons why you might face electrical surges like- bad wiring, lightning strikes, faulty appliances, etc. These overvoltage spikes or power disturbances can significantly cause havoc to your electrical systems. They can degrade, damage, destroy the electrical equipment and your expensive electronic appliances can get affected. Get in touch with professional electricians as they are the best persons to give you the right solution.
  • Problem with The Switchboard– At times, you will find that the switches are not working or there might be a loose connection. Dimmer switches are the result of installing inferior quality products or it can also be because of substandard workmanship. If you find that the switches are not getting activated, it might be due to faulty wiring, circuit, or outlet. If you are experiencing such issues, make sure you get in touch with professional electricians. Make sure, you must switch off your main electrical supply before you call an electrician.
  • Circuit Overload- Circuit tripping is one of the major problems that can be seen in homes. It mainly happens due to the overloading of the power boards. You can prevent this by removing devices that are not in use, distribute the electrical needs all throughout the house and do not overload one single circuit, and be careful while connecting devices. These are small precautions that can be taken at home, but it is always advisable to seek help from professional electricians because your circuit points might need repair and maintenance services.
  • High Electricity Bills- Are you getting high electricity bills for the last few months? Do not freak out! There might be various reasons why you are getting higher electricity bills. You can tackle this situation by replacing your existing products with energy-efficient choices, identifying the gadgets that might be the reason for higher electrical bills, unplugging all devices when not in use, and making essential repairs. Honestly speaking, identifying problematic appliances, and making repairs is possible only by professional electricians. You should immediately get in touch with an expert to prevent surges in electricity bills.
  • Light Burning Out- Lights can burn out for several reasons- high wattage, bad circuit wiring, poor wiring on the mains, circuit overload, and poor connection on the circuit. It is highly recommended to get in touch with professional electricians to get the job done. It is important to detect the main cause for lights burning out. It is possible only with the help of professionals.

How to Choose the Right Electrician?

It is very important to keep the electrical system inside your home functional and safe. But when you face any problem, you would like an expert to solve the problem successfully. There are many electrician and electrical contractors in the market, so it becomes hard to choose the best among them. Here we will discuss about some factors which one should consider before choosing a contractor.

  • Licensed, Insured, And Bonded – It is always preferable to choose a well licensed, bonded, and insured electrician who will fix the electrical problems at home. This will look after the unnecessary stress and costs when something gets wrong and also make sure that the electricians who are working must be professionally trained to perform the work effectively and safely.
  • People Working on The Team – There are many workers who work as a team or a company. This team or company includes licensed trainees or electricians, master electricians etc. If any electrician company gets excess work, they may delegate the work to some other licensed electricians to make the work completed. It is better to have complete information about the company who will handle your project so that if they do not attend your home project you are at least informed about that beforehand.
  • Certification and Qualification – It is especially important that the electrician and electrical contractors are well trained and experienced so that they can provide top quality service for your electrical installations and repairs.

Above all word of mouth is always considered a popular way of evaluating any service provider. With the help of the internet, reviews, and testimonials it becomes easier to get a complete knowledge of the companies. This type of analysis provides a widespread impression about customer satisfaction and performance of the electricians with granted recognition and high customer ratings. The problems stated above will persist if proper care and precaution are not taken care of. So, it is advisable to seek help from experts instead of trying out DIY methods at home. In this case, you can search such professional electricians online and choose the best one according to your needs. You must check their license, insurance, certifications, and experience level before you hire. Along with that, you can ask for the quote from different electricians and compare their prices to choose an affordable one.



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