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Top 10 Tips for Caring For Someone With BPPV

Vertigo is one of the most simple yet confusing health conditions for people to experience. It makes people experience dizziness, loss of balance, disorientation, nausea, vomiting, headaches that can range from mild to migraine intensity, & motion sickness. Vertigo is rarely a disorder in itself, rather almost always a symptom of some underlying illness, whether diagnosed or undiagnosed. Vertigo is often easy to confuse with other illnesses that cause similar symptoms, & so, an accurate diagnosis is required for effective Vertigo treatment.

Although Vertigo is not dangerous or fatal by nature, it does cause a lot of trouble to the people experiencing it. The constant dizziness & nausea caused by Vertigo leads to people having issues going around their usual day-to-day activities. Especially severe cases of vertigo can even lead to fatal accidents if the patients work with heavy machinery, are driving, mountain climbing, or indulge in any other activities that require full focus & concentration.

Vertigo treatment:

Vertigo treatment usually depends on the type of vertigo the patient is suffering from. There are two types of Vertigo: Peripheral Vertigo, & Central Vertigo.

Peripheral Vertigo is caused by issues with the inner ear, &/or infection/inflammation of the nerve carrying balance related signals from the inner ear to the brain, known as the vestibular nerve.

It is also caused when tiny calcium crystals in the middle ear called the otoliths mistakenly get deposited in the semicircular canal of the inner ear, causing problems with the body’s natural motion detection & vestibular functioning.

Certain viral infections like vestibular neuritis & labyrinthitis can also be the cause for Peripheral vertigo, so can be conditions like Meniere’s Disease, & any recent illnesses that impact the vestibular system.

Central Vertigo is caused by a brain issue, which affects the way the brain interprets signals from the vestibular system & translates those into movement.

Central Vertigo is often chronic in nature & symptoms last a longer time, perhaps even the entire lifetime.

It is also often more severe than peripheral vertigo, & requires constant monitoring & management.

Vertigo treatment for BPPV Vertigo involves Vertigo medicines like antihistamines, Vertin tablets, Betahistines, anti-dizziness, & nausea-preventing medications, along with Vertigo exercises.

BPPV exercises include the well-known Epley Maneuver, the Brandt-Daroff exercises, the Semont-Foster maneuver, & the half-somersault maneuver. Together, these Vertigo exercises are known as the canalith repositioning maneuvers, the name given to them because of their ability to ‘reposition’ or reinstate the calcium crystals broken loose from the middle ear into the inner ear.

In rare cases, when all other BPPV treatment methods don’t seem to be working, patients may be asked to undergo surgical measures to help cure the exact cause of their BPPV symptoms.

Living with Vertigo can be scary, confusing, & unpredictable. Patients never know what to expect, but the greater toll is borne by the loved ones & the family and friends of the patients.

In this article, we give you the top 10 tips for caring for someone with BPPV. Read on to know more.

1. Ensuring that they take their Vertigo medicines properly

If recommended, Vertigo medicines should be taken as per the dosage & frequency specified by the doctors. As the loved one of a Vertigo patient, it is your responsibility to ensure that they take their Vertigo medicines on time & in the specified dosage.

You also need to make sure that they are not taking any medications alongside vertigo medications that are deemed unsafe by their doctor.

Vertigo medicines are helpful in aiding quick, efficient BPPV treatment. You should ensure that the vertigo patient takes their medications as specified by their doctor.

2. Ensuring (& helping them) perform BPPV exercises for BPPV treatment

BPPV exercises, also known as canalith repositioning vertigo exercises, are recommended to vertigo patients to help relieve their symptoms fairly quickly.

As part of a proper Vertigo treatment plan, Vertigo exercises are crucial, & so you must check to see if the vertigo patient under your care has properly performed those exercises or not.

These BPPV exercises are sometimes quite tedious to perform as well, & so you should help them perform the BPPV exercises too if necessary, especially if they are unable to perform those themselves.

3. Ensuring that they quit alcohol

Alcohol makes everyone feel dizzy, & is especially dangerous for Vertigo patients. It can exacerbate their usual dizziness symptoms, & cause vertigo symptoms of greater severity.

Alcohol leads to a rise in the endolymphatic fluid which is associated with Meniere’s Disease.

Excessive alcohol consumption can lead to Vertigo symptoms with greater severity, & may impact the efficiency of Vertigo treatment.

4. Making sure they follow a healthy diet

A healthy diet is important for everyone, all the more important for Vertigo patients. Caretakers of Vertigo patients must ensure that they are getting enough intake of foods rich in healthy fats such as wild-caught fish, avocado, & coconut oil, along with leafy greens, & lean protein from clear sources like grass-fed meats & cage-free eggs, & other fruits that help in regulating & maintaining proper hydration & blood pressure.

5. Ensuring that they stay hydrated

Vertigo symptoms are worsened by a lack of hydration or enough water in the system. Dehydration can also give rise to excess dizziness & nausea, along with motion sickness & travel sickness.

Hence ensuring that the Vertigo patient stays adequately hydrated all the time is vital to ensuring their quick Vertigo treatment.

6. Ensure that the Vertigo patient gets enough sun

It has been shown that Vitamin D deficiency can worsen Vertigo symptoms. Thus you should ensure that the Vertigo patient under your care gets enough Vitamin D through exposure to natural sunlight along with other sources of Vitamin D such as milk, carrots, & other foods rich in it.

You can also try a food supplement like Vitamin D3 if you live in an area that doesn’t get enough sunlight.

7. Ensuring that they get enough sleep

Much like a lack of hydration, a lack of sleep can also render Vertigo patients vulnerable to severe Vertigo attacks & symptoms. For effective BPPV treatment, it’s vital that the Vertigo patients get enough sleep for their bodily functions to perform their tasks in an adequate way.

Getting enough sleep is also important for the patients to recover from any temporary bouts of any recent illnesses, or simply to give time to any viral infection to subside on its own.

Hence, you should see to it that the Vertigo patient gets enough sleep to aid in efficient BPPV treatment.

8. Provide them with useful Vertigo treatment for BPPV home remedies

Certain home remedies for BPPV treatment like intaking Ginkgo Biloba, & including adequate Vitamin D, Vitamin B12, ginger, & other herbal supplements in your diet can also help in effective BPPV treatment.

9. Ensuring that they indulge in Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy

Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy is a form of physical therapy that targets the organs responsible for maintaining balance in the body, & trains them to make up for the loss in the natural balance mechanism.

Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy includes certain exercises that help ‘rewire’ the brain to compensate for the defects in the natural vestibular system.

The therapy is an important part of a BPPV treatment plan, & helps enrich the patient’s quality of life.

Thus ensuring that they indulge in the Vertigo exercises is a must for caretakers.

10. Choose the right Vertigo experts & doctors

Your BPPV treatment plan is as good as the Vertigo experts & specialists that offer it to you. Choosing the right Vertigo hospitals & vertigo specialist will go a long way towards aiding in quick & efficient BPPV treatment for your loved one(s) experiencing BPPV.

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