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11 Simple tips on how to make your perfume last longer

When it comes to perfumes we know tend to know everything from what fragrance suits our style to how to wear it perfectly leading to what fragrance is suitable for what kind of events. All these practices leave one significant point under shadow that is how to apply a perfume in a way that it lasts longer than the usual. Regardless of what brand of perfumes you are wearing the duration of its scent depends on the how you wear it. All these perfumes vary in price for instance oud perfume price in Pakistan is reality higher than other perfumes. However the scent depends entirely on the cautions you take while applying it.

Here is a guide for you that will help you to apply scent in way that it lingers longer.


Moisturizing your skin before applying perfume acts as a catalyst perfumes tend to evaporate from dry skins. The best way to used them is to moisturize your skin before you put perfume. This trick acts like a wonder as your moisturizer is scented the added fragrance heightens and smell and it gives birth to a new aroma. For the people who don’t like to mess up with the scent of their perfumes they can always go for non-scented moisturizes.

Stop rubbing your wrists:

Experts have proven that when perfume or any other scent is applied on the pulse points since these areas are exposed to air it diffuses quite. Linger a lot longer on your body but what we do is that we tend to rub our wrists together the fiction than produced heats that changes the natural composition of the perfume. Hence, the perfume does not stay for longs and evaporated as quickly as possible.

Apply perfume right out of the shower:

When we take shower our pores open up it is caused due to the heat produced while showering. As the pores open they become prone to absorbing the perfumes more profoundly and even if the close later the smell still stays on the body. This one tip can totally add lot durability to the scent you are using and its duration.

Chose the perfumes with stronger base notes:

Be very vigilant when you buy a bottle of perfume. As you invest money in the best scent while purchasing don’t forget to have a good look at the ingredients and chose the one’s while a stronger base notes. Perfumes with base notes like vanilla, musk and pine are known to last a lot longer than the ones with lighter base notes such as floral perfumes.

Layers of fragrance:

Who would’ve thought that messing with the original fragrance you intended to put can result is something so durable. Shampoo, body wash, moisturizer and then perfume or fragrance such as oud fragrance in Pakistan. This layer on layer combination can do wonders. Nonetheless always keep in mind that do not go over the board with this tip as it can result in a total disaster and an arduously unpleasant smell and let’s be honest who wants to smell so bad when you applied a perfume just for the sake of smelling good?

Apply directly on your body:

Perfumes act the best when they come in contact with the body. The chemical reaction that takes place when the chemicals in the perfumes reacts with the heat of the body so rather than applying perfumes on your clothes it is wisely suggested to apply it directly on your body once you get out of the shower. One benefit you get out of this tip is you spare your clothes from getting stained. What else do we want? I mean it’s a win-win you smell good the sent lasts longer and you save your clothes from getting the nasty satin that is hard to take off once you try to wash it off.

Storing the perfumes

When it comes to storing perfume even the best perfumes ought to be stored appropriately in a perfect environment that would not harm their composition. Consider them as a living organism that needs a specific temperature to survive. When exposed to temperature fluctuation the chemical composition of the perfume tend to react with the natural ingredients used in it. Hence, the life span of a perfume shortens. Oddly, the perfect place for a perfume to be stored is either at room temperature or the box in which it comes. 

Keeping the Distance:

When you apply perfume keep one thing in mind. Don’t apply it closely to your body. Perfume experts claim that spritzing it in the air and them walking through it is the best way to apply the perfume in a way that it lasts longer as you apply it from the distance keep the distance of approximately six inches.

Apply it in your Hair:

Although the alcohol in the perfumes effect and damage your hair severely it makes your hair strands dry but this only happens if you do this ritual continuously. However once in a while on a special occasion when hair is being sprayed with the perfume they don’t get as much damaged as if spritzed with perfume on daily bases. This tip is effective as hair are always exposed to air they hold on to scent a long longer than another body part.

Spray on Hairbrush:

Instead of putting the perfume directly on your hair spray it lightly on your hair brush the less contact of perfume with your hair causes less damage consequently you hair smell good and so does your brush.

Pulse points:

Since it has been mentioned over and over again that fragrances linger longer on the places exposed to the air there is no room for doubt that as you apply it on your pulse points the perfume stays longer than usual.



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