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The Covid conscious Wedding Planning Checklist You Will Need In 2021

If the last few months have taught us one thing, it’s that COVID19, unfortunately, is not quite ready to leave yet. So if you had put your plans to tie the knot on hold, waiting for the virus to exit your lives, it’s time you get on by fixing a date and creating a wedding planning checklist that helps you have the best possible celebration in this time. Here’s everything you need on your wedding planning checklist to make sure your event is safe and fun for everyone involved.

Keep it tight!

Call it the silver lining but the one good thing COVID has bought for Indian weddings is that we can now restrict our guest list to the most important people in our lives. Gone are the days of 1000 people weddings, and creating the perfect (read small) guestlist is the most important aspect of planning a safe celebration.

Use technology

No matter how hard you try, the odds are that some of the people you most want on your wedding day may not be able to attend physically. So invest in a beautiful virtual celebration with online parties, live stream, gift delivery, RSVP manager, wedding website and more.

Do a gift registry

No wedding planning checklist is complete without adding a gift registry to it. With COVID making it difficult for people to come to your wedding or shop for the perfect gift, a registry makes it easy for your guests to get you something you will love. And if you don’t want gifts, do a charity registry. With so much pain in the world right now, you can redirect your wedding gifts to help those in need and start your new life with truckloads of blessings.

Safety is first always

No matter how small your guestlist, insist on having guests take a COVID test before coming for the wedding. Make masks mandatory and keep sanitisers handy at all times. You don’t want your wedding to become a super spreader event and prevention is the best cure anyway!

Budget budget budget!

We’re seeing immeasurable suffering in the world right now, and ostentatious spending on weddings can look crass and insensitive to those going through tougher times. Keep your expenses to a minimum, you know you can with the small celebration. From food and decor to venue, everything has to be scaled down anyway so this should be fairly easy.

Invest Instead

These tough times have taught us the value of being financially prudent and what better way to start than when you start your new life. Use the money you saved by doing a virtual celebration to start a savings fund or buy a new home or something that will help you in the long run. If you can’t have the wedding of your dreams, then start by giving your marriage a rock-solid start.

Create a website

Your wedding website will become your virtual ‘Shaadi ka Ghar. It’s where guests can know more about you and the functions, give their RSVPs, watch the live stream and buy you a gift. So spend some time making it extra special.

Source Local

Keep your wedding planning as simple and locally sourced as you can. Use local vendors whose businesses are suffering, avoid too much transit and keep things minimal. It’s the best way of celebrating your wedding at this time.

Be polite

You may have to remove some fairly close people from your guest list at this time. Send them a beautifully worded message explaining this, along with a little gift hamper. Make them feel special through a virtual celebration. Also, be prepared for the reverse. There may be some close friends and family whom you want present but may not be able to attend due to the extreme cases. Be understanding of that also.

Remember the bigger picture

And the most important thing on your checklist should be to be happy. You’re getting married to the person you love and that will always be special irrespective of the size of the celebration. So don’t let this get you down. To plan your perfect virtual wedding, visit www.weddingwishlist.com



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