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The Complete Guide To Personalised Presentation Folders In 2021

Even though modern marketing strategies have been the primary solution for most businesses, traditional ways are still relevant. For instance, many businesses have realised the potential of personalised presentation folders to help reach more people.

It is quite easy to get a presentation folder in 2021. But the question is whether you want to settle for a normal folder that everybody has tried out. That is where the need for a unique folder arises. These will help you stand out from the crowd and get more business in the future.

Personalised folder printing is supported by many printing services. They will guide you through the basics like the size, material, and finish. Thus you can get the best for your business at affordable prices. 

There are some crucial factors that decide what kind of presentation folder will best represent you and your business. Here are the four steps which you need to take to get a top-notch bespoke presentation folder.

Choose the Size

The primary use of a presentation folder is to keep all the promotional, informational, and marketing information. The size of these documents determines the size of the folder you need for the purpose.

For instance, A4 is the most popular paper size used all over the globe. This is the reason why most companies have a use for A4 presentation folders.

Since copier paper (another name for A4 paper) is used to print out major documents including reports, case studies, brochures, etc. So the need for a personalised A4 folder is quite clear in such cases.

Another folder variant based on size is the A5 folder. As the name suggests, it houses documents printed in A5 paper size.

Even though these are smaller, the advantage is that compared to the latter, it is easy to carry and distribute.

Apart from these common examples, you can opt for a bespoke presentation folder size. With an admirable design and proper sign, your personalised folder will sure shine among the rest.

Design the Artwork

Once you have made a choice between sizes, now is the time to make the artwork for the folder. Depending on the business or service you represent, the artwork can be simple or complex.

You can even go with a simple logo and business name on the front cover. This can be added in the inside pockets too if you wish. But the idea is to keep it simple and neat. You do not want to steal the attention of the reader from the information inside the folder.

But at the end of the day, the design and artwork depend on the business. If it is something related to art, design, or photography, then the art on the folder can be extravagant. But if you are a corporate, which is the stark opposite to the one mentioned before, go for a classy simple artwork.

Another important thing is to make sure the custom artwork is big enough, to accommodate the folder size you chose in the first place.

An artwork designed for an A4 presentation folder can be easily used on an A5 folder. But if the artwork was designed for the A5 model, then enlarging the image will reduce its quality in the A4 folders.

Choose the Material

You want your personalised folder to be strong and be able to withstand all the damage caused due to moving from one place to another. So it is crucial to choose a material that can achieve this level of quality.

The paper thickness and color quality are other aspects in deciding the material. There is a need to make sure the material chosen can be used to print the artwork with great detail and color quality.

There are economic ways in folder printing, but you do not want to go too cheap or it will tarnish both the folder and your brand’s reputation. 

Choose the Finish

Multiple choices are available in the market for folder finishes. For instance, most folders use embossing for the front logo and company name. This creates a contrast between the rest of the page and these elements.

Similarly, you can choose a gloss lamination that will make your colors stand out and will immediately grab the attention of the reader.

Another option is the matte finish, which is a classy look. It will not highlight the colors much but will give a premium look to the folder.

A mix of both glossy and matte finishes can be applied to different parts of the folder as well.


These are the basic things to keep in mind while opting for a personalised folder for your use. The process can be made easier by approaching a good presentation folder printing service that has ample experience and options for you.

Be it a personalised A4 folder or an A5 folder, you must think out of the box and also make it pleasing to the eye. That is how you can get the best marketing value out of the folders.

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