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Surrogacy – None help can match its extent to make a childless couple happy

Surrogacy is one of the methods with the help of which couples can cope up with infertility. It is usually considered in that case, when the woman is not able to hold the baby in her uterus. That situation requires a woman who is willing to help the couple by carrying their baby in her gestational sac toll delivery. Those helpful women are known as surrogate mothers.

Did you know?

A female cannot opt for surrogacy until she has completed all the legal requirements. Both the parties need to sign a bond to avoid the dispute in the end.

But how would you decide whether you need a surrogate or not?

You cannot decide the same. Only an experienced doctor having the right knowledge for the same can decide whether the uterus of the female is ready to take the load of the baby or not. In case, it cannot. Only then surrogacy will be taken into account.

What is surrogacy?

Surrogacy is a Godsend blessing for those mothers whose uterus is not working. It is a technique that involves the development of the embryo of biological parents and the placement of the same in the uterus of the woman who is intending to help the couple by carrying their biological baby in her womb and has promised to return the baby immediately after he is born.

Please Note: If your uterus has also been declared weak by the doctors and you are not capable of carrying the baby in your womb, then you must approach some reputed surrogacy centre in Punjab which can not only help you to find a suitable surrogate mother but also guide you right with the legalities of the procedure.

You must know!

The mother is carrying the baby in her womb but she is not a biological mother of the same, she is called a ‘Surrogate Mother’.

The parents from whose sperm and the eggs, the embryo is developed are known as ‘Intended Parents’ or ‘Commissioning Parents’.

How can Surrogacy be divided into so many types?

Surrogacy can be divided into the following types:

Non-Commercial Surrogacy

It is commonly known as the Altruistic Surrogacy in the fertility centre in Ludhiana. The birth mother does not receive any kind of payment.

Traditional surrogacy

Apart from helping the intended parents with the gestation sac, she also provides her egg, in case the intended mother’s egg is not having the required properties.

Commercial surrogacy

This procedure involves the birth mother being paid a reasonable amount so that the work which she has compromised to help the couple can be compensated.

Assisted reproduction

This surrogacy technique involves the development of the embryo with the IVF procedure and instead of placing the same in the womb of the mother, it is placed in the womb of the mother who is willing to help the couple with her gestational sac.

Final Comments!

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