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Should Your Bedroom Curtains Touch the floor?

Undoubtedly, curtains are an essential part of your home décor and serve a functional purpose. Deciding on the curtain length always seems confusing and raises the question: Should the curtain touch the floor? Continue reading to find out!

There is no certain answer to this question. Basically, it depends on many factors, including single panel, double panel, window scarf, blackout, valence type, window tier curtains, etc.

  • Single panel– It should touch the floor. Single panel curtains are set on either side of the window, creating an asymmetry. You can often see this type of curtain touching the ground as it is designed to cover the larger space at a time.
  • Double panel– Double panel curtains feature two sections, one on either side of the window. They can be pulled together to cover the window. Depending on the style, a double panel may extend or touch the floor.
  • Blackout– These curtains types should touch the floor; then only it can keep the light away and darkness in the room. This way, they add more privacy to your room. By keeping the light away, they offer insulation and keep the room cool.
  • Window scarf– These curtain types should not touch the floor. They give a stylish touch to your window as they are short and decorative pieces.
  • Valence type– Like a window scarf, the valence type curtain does not touch the floor. They give a decorative touch to your window. Most valence types reach down to cover a fraction of the window. They are generally used for style rather than functionality.
  • Window tier curtains– These are unique style curtains that only cover a specific section of the window, while some window tier curtain covers the bottom of the window. They don’t reach the floor but only touch the window sill.
  • Sheer and semi-sheer– Depending on your preference, sheer and semi-sheer curtains may touch the floor. For instance, some styles have long and floor-length curtains that touch the floor. Other styles are more functional, and this is because they are shorter and do not touch the floor.

Get suggestions to your window treatment professionals

If you are unsure what to do even after going through these suggestions, you can get help from your window treatment professionals. Your window treatment professionals will also assist you in selecting the right draperies & window coverings in Malibu, considering your personal needs!



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