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The Adhesive Door Number System

Self adhesive door number systems are an incredibly useful way to make sure that your home is well protected. In fact, these systems have become very popular in recent years as they are a cheaper alternative to modern security equipment. The way these systems work is that you simply peel away the protective sheet on each of your doors, exposing a thin metal layer. The Self Adhesive Door Number then bonds onto this metal and will hold it in place, no matter how much pressure is applied to the door. This means that you don’t have to rely on a noisy alarm or dangerous alarms to protect your property – simply peel away the old number and attach the new one!

Adhesive Door Number

The self adhesive door number systems are usually installed using a special kit. This particular kit is made up of a thin strip of plastic, a couple of sticky tapes, and the correct numbers for each of your doors. Once the kit has been fitted to the door correctly, you simply slide the sticky tapes down over the film to the metal frame below. It’s a simple process and if you follow the instructions, your door will be securely held in place for years. If you have any questions about the safety of these types of systems, there are plenty of customer service centers that can provide help.

Main Types of Adhesive Door Number

There are two main types of door number systems that you can use to make your property more secure. The first is simply a series of numbers that you push into the plastic strips. If you use this type of self adhesive door number system, then you simply have to replace the numbers once they become worn out or misplaced. This is certainly a less expensive option than buying alarms with integrated sensors that would be connected to a panel within your property, which would indicate when the door has been opened or shut.

The second option is a self adhesive door number system that includes both number and bar codes. These are slightly more complicated to install but it is not difficult if you have the correct tools. You will need to find a good quality vinyl label to put on the top of your door. Then you will need to purchase the appropriate code books from your local store and cut them out to fit the code on the label.

Installation of Self Adhesive Door Number

Once you have done this, you will simply push the code onto your door and then clip the label onto the door. When installing this type of self adhesive door number, it is vital that you install the number correctly. As long as the numbers on the labels match up to the numbers on your door – and they should be exactly the same – you will be fine. You may even find that the numbers on the labels are slightly different to the numbers on your door and this is perfectly normal so ensure you do not apply the self-adhesive door number correctly.

If you are purchasing an additional code book to use with your door then you should ensure that the number on the labels is also the same as the number on the sticky film. Simply push each code into place one at a time so that you can identify them. It is important to make sure that each code is positioned correctly so that the adhesive does not run the length of the bar. Once you have placed all of your sticky labels on your door – including the special code for your garage – then you will simply press the system down so that the bar comes down. Your door will lock into place at this point.

Online Websites for Door Numbers

If you find that you are unable to get your self adhesive door number systems to work or you need more help then there are plenty of professionals that will be able to help you out. However, if you are fussy about placing the code correctly and do not feel confident about your ability then you may want to go online and search for a local specialist that deals with this type of door entry systems. There are numerous websites that offer free advice and most will have the expertise to help you.

You should also ensure that you have the correct tools. If you do not have these then you will have to work in a messy manner trying to get the sticky film to adhere to the door properly. It can often be a nightmare and is extremely frustrating. However, with the right tools and some patience you should be able to successfully install self adhesive door number systems onto your garage door. Just remember that you should always ensure that you place each code on the sticky film correctly. Then when you are sure that the code has been correctly placed, press the system down until it locks into place.

Garage Door Self Adhesive Instructions – Replaces Your Garage Doors

The self adhesive door number systems are easy to install with a special kit. This kit includes a flexible plastic tube that are easily fitted to the top of the old door, an adhesives strip, and the desired numbers. You simply push down the strips through the adhesives into the metal frame below, and through the plastic tube on the top of your doors. This method will leave an impression in the metal and allows you to replace broken locks by re-applying them.

They come in many colors including clear, black, blue, or color coded plastic, wood, or clear plastic. When choosing your kit, you may want to choose ones that match existing door hardware, or ones that compliment them. These self adhesive door number kits can be used for any standard sized doors. The only limitation to installing them is that they cannot be used on sliding doors that have locks. This includes bypass doors and pocket doors.

Installing a Self Adhesive Door Number

Installing a self adhesive door number system takes some time and careful measurements before you cut your new numbers. First you need to measure the width and height of your door and make sure that you measure the entire distance from top to bottom, including any space around windows, skylights, and moldings. Next, you need to mark the self-adhesive strips along the perimeter of your door. It is important to get precise measurements so that the new numbers will be able to fit correctly.

Backing off of your door’s trim

Once you have marked all of your doorways, cut out the self-adhesive door number grid and set it aside. Next, remove the backing off of your door’s trim and simply push a piece of tape down through the hole so that you can stick it to the wall. Once you have stuck the grid into the hole, simply push it to the back of your doors and carefully push the tape in all the way to the bottom corners. Once you have done this, you should be left with an empty square that will serve as a guide to help you mark the other corners of your doors.

The next step in installing self adhesive door numbers is to take a piece of paper or card stock and roll it up to the point where the edges meet. You will then use a pencil to write the numbers in a straight line, starting at the top left-hand corner. Do not forget to include the numbers for your garage doors and your garage door opener.

Using a stapler, press the sticky film on your doors until it sticks to the stapler. Avoid pressing too hard as the stapler may tear away the adhesive. Give yourself plenty of time to work as this is one of the harder steps.

Use of stapler to apply the textured paper

After you have applied the self-adhesive door numbers to your doors, you can use the same stapler to apply the textured paper to the rest of the frames. Make sure you smooth out any bubbles that may form. You may want to place tape along the entire frame to keep everything in place, but be careful not to tape too tightly as it may tear away the self-adhesive. If you do not tape properly, you can end up having gaps in between your walls that allow moisture to seep through.

After you have done this, put on some new siding and put back the trim around your garage. When you are done, sit back and look at your newly repaired Adhesive Door Number. You will immediately see the difference in the curb appeal of your home! These steps may take a little time and effort, but when you stop to think about it, what you have done is a lot easier than replacing all of your garage doors.



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