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Pros And Cons Of Air Freight

Considering air freight is the fastest cargo service from Dubai to Pakistan​, most companies 

would prefer air freight services, whenever they are sending cargo to Pakistan from Dubai. However, speed should not be the sole factor worth considering. 

Although when it comes to shipment, fast usually implies convenience, speed is not desirable in every shipping scenario.

Choosing the right mode of transportation requires you to take a lot of factors into consideration, such as the kind of cargo you are shipping, how quickly you want it to be shipped,  the weight of the cargo and of course the shipping cost.

Like every other shipping method, there are pros and cons of air freight, therefore this blog aims to cover all the major reasons why should and should not choose air freight.

Pros Of Choosing Air Freight 

The Speed Of Air Freight

Since, air freight is the quickest mode of cargo transportation that cannot move away from its schedules, perishable goods like fruits and seafood should be shipped via air.

That is because perishables come with a certain shelf life and it needs to reach retail shelves before the shelf life is close to ending. 

However, some perishables like pharmaceutical drugs require extra care, like proper refrigeration so if you are sending them via air, prepare yourself to pay extra. 

Fewer Delays 

One of the major reasons why companies prefer air freight services is because of the fact that air freight encounters a lot fewer delays than the ocean and land freight.  Furthermore, the airline industry does not get as many labour strikes and the delays are usually because of severe weather conditions. 

Although the weather can also delay land and ocean freight services, both are also subjected to a lot more strikes and slowdowns than air freight. 

Easy Tracking And Tracing

If you are sending your sensitive Pakistan cargo from Dubai or Dubai cargo from Pakistan it is advisable to choose Airfreight. That is because if your cargo is composed of sensitive goods, you need to track your cargo and there are no other freight services that could offer you better tracking and tracing opportunity like air freight. By using the right technology, any broker would be able to tell who took your shipment, when was it load tendered to the airline, where it is en route and when would it arrive at the destination.

However, seas freight is less traceable, so if you have opted for ocean freight, the only thing you can know is that your load is somewhere in the sea.

Cons Of Choosing Air Freight 

High Regulations 

Load that is sent through UAE to Pakistan cargo service​ is subjected to greater restrictions than the load sent via sea or land. 

Not many people are aware of the fact that oftentimes their cargo moves in larger passenger aircraft and because of this reason air freight strictly prohibits hazardous material, some types of ammunition and certain radioactive material. 

Pilot Can Approve Cargo 

Besides increased federal regulations, cargo sent through the air is also dependent on the pilot’s approval. Therefore, even if the cargo gets approved by the federal government, there is still a chance that the pilot might deny it. 

Since commercial pilots can decide which goods are worth being on board, sometimes goods like laptops with lithium batteries require solid documentation. 

Shipment Can Be Delayed Without Any Warning 

If a business person has not worked with the customs broker, there is a good chance that their shipment would arrive later than the decided time. This means, if you are sending the load via air, you cannot afford to be lenient about the paperwork.

Although air freight is hands down the fastest way to send your cargo, not every cargo should be sent through the air. So, before sending any cargo in the air, make sure you are placing everything into consideration. 



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