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Plaster Metal Anchor Vs Plastic Anchor, Which Is The Best?

There are multiple options in the anchor, but the competition goes hand in hand between Plaster Metal Anchor and plastic anchor. Due to the durability and strength with the combination of plaster it is popular and reliable at the same time.

Reinforcing of screws on the walls with compactness enables to the proper fixing on the wall surface. This does not allow the screws to rip off at all.

Whenever you will visit a hardware store, you will find three types of wall anchors:

  • Plastic and metal cones wedge that goes in a pre-drilled hole.
  • Anchors that can be directly screwed to the wall.
  • Two-piece anchors hook to the back of the wall and have a sleeve and a machine screw. These are more durable but are not the best choice for every work.

Let’s get back to the Plaster Metal Anchor and plastic anchor. You can decide which one is best for you after comparing them on the following mentioned points.

Design And Style

There is a major design difference between the Plaster Metal Anchor and plastic anchor, which makes them unique in their own way.

Typically, plastic anchors are first driven in the wall surface then the screws are pushed into the plastic made anchors. It is then inserted into the wall screw hole. It grabs the wall side when a screw is inserted into the plastic anchors.

Categorizing Plaster Metal Anchor into a single form will not do justice to it. It has many applications, so it comes with numerous designs and styles. So if you want variations in design and style, then go with it. Bolt anchors, toggle bolts, simple sleeves, and molly bolts are types of metal anchors.

Application Of The Anchor

The whole process of buying and installing a wall anchor is its application. Plastic anchors are great for drywall and small frames, whereas metal anchors are ideal for concrete and hefty shelves. It avoids from the unwanted damages on the walls and supports the lightweight materials.

Strength & Durability

Strength and durability are a significant point because if the wall anchor lacks strength and durability then you’ll need to change it frequently. So better to invest in the more durable one and select the wall anchor which suits your needs.

The plastic anchors are best for lightweight materials. You can use them to hang lightweight things like a photo frame or any decorative material. In the case of Plaster Metal Anchor, it has higher strength, so it can be used for hanging heavy materials like large shelving units, handrails, etc.

Installation Process

A simple cordless drill and a hammer are good enough for installing plastic anchors. They are easy to install. You just need to make a hole through the drill and use a hammer to put the plastic anchor in the wall and put in the screw   with a screwdriver. It is a DIY process and do not need any professional help if you have the proper equipments.

Plaster Metal Anchor requires heavy drills because they are usually installed in concrete or blocks. Once you have made a hole using the drill, put the metal anchor in it and secure it like the plastic anchors. However, the process can vary for different metal anchors. Before purchasing a wall anchor, be sure why you need it and look for its proper installation process. Look for the types and size of the wall anchor before you spend your money on it. Choose the design and style of the anchor as per your requirements. If you are not used to drilling, you can also take the help of a professional.



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