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Pizza types: What are the different types of pizza present all over the world?

For the pizza lovers, it is a delight as they have different options. The best part is that they choose the one which they like the most. When you order pizza in Cape May, there are different variations that you can have. Indeed! It is the most popular dish to have, no matter what day it is or time it is. In addition, you can have that as per your liking. Let’s talk you through the different pizza types which are present all over the world.

  • Neapolitan pizza

This Pizza was invented in Naples and it comes under the oldest pizza category, it is also known as Pizza Margherita and Pizza Marinara. If you are someone who likes to have only a few toppings then this is what you should go for. The Marinara is one of the ultimate and purest pizza types. This is a vegan option and it will have toppings like tomato sauce, olive oil, and garlic. In addition, it is topped with mozzarella and if you don’t like garlic then you can omit that.

  • Italian pizza types

These are different types of Italian pizza and many of these options have merged with time. Like the above local variants, there are different options of Italian pizza like Al Salmone, Alla Vongole, Alle Verdure Grigliate, and Aglio e olio. The pizza will reflect the colors of the Italian national flag and there are ingredients namely tomato, mozzarella, and basil (red, white, and green).

  • American Pizza Types

Now Even the Americans have different variations of pizza and many of them are the same as Neapolitan. But, yes if you want more cheese then this is what you have to go with. This category is also known as deep-dish pizza and some toppings are layered over the pizza. You can try buffalo chicken, broccoli, California style, cheeseburger, cheesy crust, Chicago thin crust, and a lot more.

  • Canadian pizza type

In Canada, there are different types of Pizza, many of which are local, and many of them are American pizza types. Moreover, you can have different choices like all-dressed pizza, donair pizza, Canadian pizza, garlic finger, and much more.

  • Argentina pizza type

Their pizza category is extremely different and if you like to have a thicker crust then make sure that you give this option a try. In addition, their half dough and topping of the cheese are something that will make you drool every time you order the pizza. This pizza category is topped with tomato sauce and there are different types of cheese and the addition of olives makes it just perfect. Traditionally it is served with wine.



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