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New Delicious Ways to Use Mamalam Miso Sauce

Mamalam London: Miso is one ingredient that reigns supreme in terms of versatility and longevity. You can use miso when you want to add another depth of flavour to your cooking, and you can keep them in your fridge for a year. Packed with umami, it is kind of salty and sweet both, but it has the ability to improve almost any dish.

Here are a few ways you can use miso Sauce in different ways and make full use of this powerhouse ingredient.

Mamalam Miso Sauce
Mamalam Miso Sauce
  1. Mix in into a soup

Miso paste is a Japanese classic, it is also a super easy and healthy dinner. Miso soup is healthy, the tofu is rich and full of protein, but it doesn’t matter what soup you’re making, miso can add flavour to whatever it is you are cooking.

  • Enhance your baked fish

You can mix miso with olive oil or sesame oil, whichever one you prefer and spread it on fish filets. Bake the fish filets for that final shiny glaze that boosts and lightens up your Salmon.

  • Mix in with your potatoes

When you heat the milk or cream that you intend to use for the mash, whisk in some miso to make it tastier.

  • Glaze your veggies

Once you sauté your vegetables, either carrots or brussels sprouts add miso and butter by the end for a nice buttery finish. This will cook your vegetables in a beautiful miso glaze.

  • Stir it into your salad dressing

When making a salad dressing you mix together miso with rice vinegar, and sesame oil, this amazing salad dressing would work for your roasted vegetables or noodles.

  • Add a flavourtwist to the mayo

Mix together mayo and a teaspoon of miso paste, add a hint of lemon too and make delicious chicken salad with it or top your sandwiches.

  • Use it as a butter

Yes, you read that right, you can butter your toast with miso, simply mix miso paste into room temperature butter and use it to make a funky fresh morning toast.

  • Add the glossy touch to your post

Make a fruity glaze by adding fruit preserves, miso, vinegar and other aromatics and cook it until it is set and then brush it over the pork tenderloin before you bake it.

  • Combine it with the crab salad

The taste of miso is both sweet and savoury, combine it with crab and make a distinctive toast topping

  1. Miso pasta

Miso will make your pasta rich with a more developed taste, make a flavourful carbonara by stirring in some miso with the eggs and add in the mixture for a tasty pasta dish.

Miso is definitely a must have, it’s so diverse that it can be used in many different ways. You can get your miso paste from MamaLan London as they make their own authentic miso paste. Its available to buy on Amazon, buy yours today and make your everyday cooking exciting and delicious.



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