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Can I use Netflix party on my android phone?

Netflix is the best option available for entertainment nowadays. If you get into the library of the application you will get to see so many options to choose from. There are so many options available for people coming from various backgrounds and various age groups. Not just this there are other reasons also that contribute to the popularity of Netflix among people. The application is good to use on all types of devices as well as operating systems. The Netflix party on an android phone is also a way out how you can remotely enjoy binge-watching with your friends.

Is it possible to enjoy watching Netflix on an android phone using a party extension?

Well, there is no official Netflix party on an android phone, which is designed by Netflix. So, going by the official terms of it we can simply say that it is not at all possible for you to enjoy watching Netflix remotely with friends. You cannot use the Netflix party extension for your android device you will be facing compatibility issues.

Hack to apply for watching Netflix on android with party extension

Well, we are living in a world that is moving towards technological advancement with each passing day.  Here, for everything in the IT world that is not possible, there is some or the other hack that you can apply and make things happen as per your own requirements.

For watching Netflix on android with party extension, there is a third-party app that one can use. The application is known as the Rave app.

How Rave app exactly helps with Netflix?

Well, to answer this in simple words we can say that the Rave app allows you to sync Netflix and some other services as well. The only problem that one may face while using Netflix through Rave app is that unlike it is in the party extension here in the app the user will not be able to use the chat feature while watching any Netflix content.

Prerequisites to check

There are certain prerequisites that one needs to check before starting with the use of the Rave app for watching Netflix on android together online.

  • At least two android devices with the Rave app included on them
  • There should be two Netflix accounts or one account with a two-screen subscription will also work.

Watching Netflix with friends online using the Rave app-

  • Open the Google play store, there search for the Rave app
  • As you get it please download it on the device
  • Wait for the download process to complete
  • Once, it is complete, and then, open the app and sign up for a Rave account
  • After this, open the app and click on the “add icon” given on the bottom right side of the app
  • Once, it is done please choose Netflix and sign in to the Netflix account
  • This means you need to log in to your Netflix account in the Rave app
  • Once you will log in to Netflix in the Rave app there will be a Netflix interface visible to you
  • From the video, the library choose any movie or web series to watch and click on the share icon.
  • You can share videos with your people through what’s app or telegram and you can thus invite them for watching a movie or a web show with you.
  • Ask your friends to tap on the link sent by you in order to make them join you in watching a Netflix title.


So, these are the hacks, means, and ways through which you will be able to use the Netflix party on an android phone.



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