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Medical advancement is facing the challenge of low sperm count in male

When a couple experiences problems getting pregnant, it can turn their world upside down. It’s high time that we understand the problem can be dealt with ease and there is no need to make yourself suffer in the feeling of guilt. Whether it’s male or female infertility, you need to visit the best IVF centre to get yourself a customized treatment plan to boost your conception chances. In case you have stumbled upon this page looking for the low sperm count treatment in male then you should schedule your consultation at the reputed Test tube baby centre in Punjab to get yourself an effective treatment plan.

How to conceive with a low sperm count?

In clear terms, the answer to this question is fertility treatment. Some of the best fertility treatment options for low sperm count are:

  • IVF with ICSI

IVF/ICSI is a great way to fertilize the egg. During ICSI, the sperm is directly placed inside the egg and the rest of the procedure is the same as IVF. The fertilization happens under a controlled environment. Later the embryo is formed which is transferred to the women’s reproductive tract to boost the chances of conception. Usually, the embryo is transferred once it has reached the blastocyst stage as this tells that the embryo is completely formed. All in all, this procedure works great for male with low sperm count.

  • Hormonal Treatment

If the hormone level is low then you will be suggested to get hormonal treatment. During the procedure, injectable hormones are used which is great to boost the sperm count to the desired level. By doing so, the sperm count is boosted which increases the chances of conception.

  • Antibiotic treatment

The antibiotics work great against the infection. In some cases, sperm production is affected due to the scarring or sperm passage being blocked. The fertility doctor will suggest you the best medication as per your condition.

  • Surgery

Surgery is usually the last resort & it is rarely required. In case, there is a blockage, then surgery is performed to boost the necessary sperm count.

  • Artificial donor sperm insemination

If after all this, the necessary results are not achieved or there is a case that the desired count of sperm is not produced, then the doctor will suggest sperm donation. Here the trick is to find a suitable sperm donor & if you have any special requirements then you can consider the profile.

Are there any tips that I can consider to prevent low sperm count?

You need to stop yourself from doing these things:

  • Do not drink & smoke
  • Do not consume any drug
  • You need to stay away from the high-stress environment
  • Stay away from the pesticides, toxins, and heavy metals
  • Avoid heat
  • Make sure to follow all necessary suggestions given by the doctor

Schedule your initial consultation

If you are diagnosed with infertility, no matter what condition it is, schedule your initial consultation with the best fertility doctor to get yourself the right treatment plan.



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