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Kids Safety While Travelling In A Taxi Matters A Lot…agreed?

Are you a resident of a big city and wanna ride with your children?

So today’s article is going to be for all those parents who want to carry their child in executive transportation like taxi, car rides or services.

Doctors do suggest couples avoid doing certain things while travelling in a taxi or Flat Rate Cab with their children. One of such things is putting the head of the children on the lap and then buckling the seat belt over them. Although, it might not seem dangerous of course.

Why is it dangerous?

Who can explain this thing more efficiently than a Sherwood park taxi driver? Right? In the words of the drivers, “The restraining force can be determined = Speed x Weight. Now take an instance, If a person is about 200 pounds and if he is to be in a crash = 10mph, then how much force will be required by the seat belt to restrain you and hold you from not moving a bit from your location. Yes, you are right, it would take more than 2000 lbs of force.

So how is it related to putting the head of the child on the lap? Since you have buckled the seatbelt over the child, the whole amount of force that the seat belt is going to absorb i.e 2000 lbs will be absorbed by your child. It is extremely dangerous and you must avoid doing it. God Forbid, but doing such things will result in something fatal.

Are there any guidelines to travel safely with your child?

Yes, certain guidelines would help you to make our journey as safe as it can be.

Ask your child to not be stubborn and plays during the journey

The playful nature of the child is no doubt an obvious trait of his nature. Get him some cars or toys which he can play with while sitting. Do not allow him to stand up and jump up the seats. Okay?

Either he would fall or get his head knocked from the roof. In the worst situation, what you cannot imagine, may happen.

Check if your child feels nauseous

Some children could not bear the smell of the leather emitted by the seats in the cab. If your child cannot endure such smells, then you are supposed to consult with the doctor who will tell you the necessary ways to cope with this situation for their children.

Book a Sherwood Park Taxi

It has been observed that none other taxi service is as safe for the children as is Sherwood park taxi.

Final Comments!

If you are impressed with the qualities of a Sherwood Park taxi, then what are you waiting for? Book it when you have to reach somewhere safe with your pets and the child.

To know more about what services the Sherwood park taxi offers you, keep on reading our blogs and articles.

They are sure to grip your attention throughout.



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