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AI Boosts HRMS in day to day functioning! Read to know

HRMS, or human resource management system combines major functions of HCM. It can’t be denied that artificial intelligence has taken over industry since ages. AI can help build robust HRMS software or payroll software for the future.  At present let’s dig a little deeper and discuss the present accomplishments that has influenced HRMS software towards becoming the best HRMS software in India:

AI or artificial intelligence 

AI, abbreviated for artificial intelligence, enables electronic gadgets to perform tasks without the intervention of human intelligence. The computers and gadgets are embedded with machine learning and automates thinking like humans with the assistance of algorithms. AI plays a major role in developing any businesses. 

Human capital management 

Human capital management is combined with HRMS, HRIS represents the entire human resource team. AI has a major role in maintaining the employee life cycle of the employees and newly hired candidates. AI monitors numerous activities in the HR department. For instance, the recruitment team can easily chanalize eligible candidates, screening of the applications poured in after posting vacancy on various platforms. 

Let’s take a tour on how AI boosts HRMS functions in recruitment:

Talent sourcing 

Talent sourcing is a tedious process. It comes with the huge responsibility of streamlining the eligible candidates on a common platform. The talent acquisition team seeks to source eligible candidates and artificial intelligence empowers the team to pinpoint the most credible resumes and track candidates best fit for the organization.

Application tracking system or ATS

Tracking of applications is essential for both employee and the employer. AI has proven to be useful in improving communication throughout the hiring process. It has made it easier for the candidates to track their application and attain a clear picture of the future rounds of interview. A candidate might feel that the application has landed in trash if the employer fails to replay for a long time. It saves the recruiters by decreasing workload and keeps updating the candidate of the status of the application. 

Enhanced employee experience 

Talent acquisition and talent management play an important role in building a strong team for any organization. Sourcing eligible candidates for the long run is managed by a talent acquisition team. Any candidate who is offered a job tends to look at the organization’s work culture and feedback submitted by the previous employees. AI with the assistance of HR can provide the newly employees with the required information about their reporting manager, location of the office, person to contact on the first day or first week in the organization. 

The best HRMS software provides employees with required resources to enhance their skills and climb the ladder of success. It upscales the existing employees with betterment and opportunity to grow within the organization. 

Learning and development

AI empowers the HRMS team to upscale the potential employees for the future. AI helps to design HRMS software in such a way that it can engulf huge amounts of data and store on a secured platform for further references. Any employee who wishes to upgrade their skills can access these data and learn from previous case studies or research. It enhances the skills and makes the task of the admin team easier to promote the existing employees based on upgraded skills. 

The above mentioned benefits could not be provided without the assistance of artificial intelligence. Although AI has made remarkable progress and is providing the industry with a changed landscape. There is a lot of accomplishment that AI holds for future generations. HRMS software can be fully automated with upgraded features developed utilizing AI. Having said that, there are a few drawbacks that can adversely affect the industry as well. It is essential for the teams to have a well structured IT environment to be prepared for any unanticipated crisis.

Neelima Bansal is a passionate blogger. She writes about her life experiences in the form of words. She had done masters in E Business & working with a leading technology organization as an analyst. Moreover, if you want to Know read her blog at HROne


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