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How To Transfer Data From Android To iCloud

Due to the extreme boom of the Apple market, Android users have started to switch to the iPhone operating system. Apple has started to develop software that will make the transference of data more convenient. Due to this additional feature, Android users will be able to move their content to the iPhone wirelessly. Hence the relocation of media, contacts, emails, documents, etc, is not a difficult task anymore.

Steps To Follow For Transferring Data:

The following steps can help to transfer data without losing any particulars. 

Transferring Emails:

People are usually worried about losing their important emails while transferring the data to another device. However, Google can now sync all emails to the signed-in device. Due to the backup on Google, the information related to emails, contacts, and calendars can be easily accessible on the iPhone operating system. 


  • In the setting application, tap on the option of mail, contacts, and calendar to enable them. 
  • Next, tap on the ‘add account’ option and select Google.
  • Add the required information to ensure backup from the Google account. 

Transferring Media:

After creating the iCloud account, it is essential to sign in to iTunes. To transfer the data from the Android operating system, an iTunes account is required. It is required to download iTunes on the desktop to sync the information on the phone. 


  • Transfer the pictures and videos from the Android device to the desktop. 
  • Link the Apple device with the computer and open iTunes.
  • Enter the photos option from the ‘Settings’ application and enable it. 
  • From the sync photos option, select the ‘copy photos’ from the computer. 
  • Click on ‘sync to your device.

Transferring Music:

The music transfer is similar to transferring the media. It also requires moving the music to the desktop and then copies it to iTunes. To transfer music, it is essential to have the latest version of iTunes to ensure accurate transfer. 


  • Download the music from the Android device to the computer.
  • Transfer the file/folder of music to the iTunes Music category. 
  • Connect the Apple device to the computer and sync the music from the iTunes application. 
  • Sync the entire music file to the phone. 

Transferring Documents:

The important documents from Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint, can be moved easily to Apple devices by iCloud.com. The applications of ‘Keynotes, Numbers and Pages’ are needed to install on the device. After that, the iCloud account is logged in on the phone. 


  • In the ‘settings’ application, select iCloud and sign in to the Apple id.
  • Select the option of ‘use iCloud’ in the Pages, Numbers, Keynotes section available on the main page of ‘settings application. 
  • Transfer the Microsoft document from the Android device to a separate folder of the desktop. 
  • Sign in to the iCloud id on the computer.
  • Move the desired files to the iCloud and sync the documents on the phone.

Transferring Books:

The electronic books and pdfs in Android devices can be exported to the iPhone operating system. It follows the same process of transferring media to the Apple device. 


  • Transfer the entire data related to e-books and pdfs on the computer in a separate folder. 
  • In the iTunes application, select the iBooks section and drag the files from the folder of the computer. 
  • Connect the Apple device and sync all the books and pdfs from iTunes. 

A single drawback of transferring data from the Android device to the iPhone is, the purchased applications can not be moved to the Apple device. Although the paid applications appear in the wishlist of the Appstore. The applications from the Google play store have to be installed manually. Other than this factor, switching to an Apple device is an upsetting task anymore. The above-mentioned steps are the most significant to carry out the process of moving data. 
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