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How To Take Care Of Embroidery Scissors

A good pair of fancy scissors might be one of the most prized possessions in your sewing kit. Without proper maintenance, these scissors can end up being useless. If your scissors are not well kept, they can go dull, directly affecting your work. Your results can be compromised, and at times, your fabric could get damaged. To keep the fancy cutting scissors in the best shape, you just need a little bit of proper care and maintenance. Not only will you have steady speed, but you will surely get flawless results.

How to Maintain Your Scissors?

When we talk about taking care of your scissors, it includes two things: preventing them from rusting and avoid using them in the wrong ways. With proper care, your scissors can last for years. So what exactly do you need to do? Let’s find out!

Use Them For Fabric Only

If you cut things other than fabric with your fabric scissors, you are basically attracting damage. If someone is strict about the use of their fabric scissors, they are doing the right thing. Improper usage can dull the blades, temper the alignment, or even break them entirely. 

Tightening And Oiling

Some huge, all-metallic, and heavy fabric scissors come with a pivot screw. They need extra care and maintenance period to ensure proper cutting. You can use a screwdriver or a wrench to tighten the pivot. Squeeze it and pour in a few drops of oil.

Storing Them Properly

If you chuck your fancy embroidery scissors among other tools, you are decreasing their lifespan. They can get scratched and have nicked blades, which can weaken the tips of the scissors that are designed for sharp points. This can also ruin the alignment, which can worsen the cutting process. The best way to store them is in a sheath. If you have lost the one it came with, making a new sheath from a soft fabric is probably a good idea. Avoid placing them, instead hang them by their handles. This will keep the blades in the best condition and won’t make the tips blunt.

Get Them Sharpened

If your scissors are not sharp anymore, you might consider getting new ones. Let us tell you that you don’t necessarily have to spend on a new pair of scissors. Instead, you can get the blades sharpened by professional sharpeners who sharpen scissors and knives.

Keep Them Clean

Keeping your scissors clean should be your utmost priority if you want to increase their shelf life. The easy way of keeping them clean is to simply use warm water and dish soap. This cleanser is enough to get rid of rust, build-up, and any residues. If your scissors feel sticky, you can also use a paint thinner. Acetone nail polish remover is the best option to remove dried glues. If you feel that your scissors are rusting, use cotton balls soaked in white vinegar to clean up the rust.

Don’t Drop Them

Dropping your scissors frequently can knock the blades out of alignment, dent them, and also damage the tips. If you drop the scissors on your foot, you can get injured. So be very careful while handling sharp and pointy objects, especially if you are a clumsy person.

Check Twice, Cut Once

This saying is used in reverse to make sure that you don’t cut the wrong amount. It also fits into ensuring that you don’t cut over glue, pins, beads, or materials that simple scissors cannot slice over. Always double-check before cutting so you don’t wreck your scissors’ blades.

These were some basic rules to help keep your scissors in excellent shape. Are you looking for the best quality tools and kits? Make your way to Olfen Beauty for some amazing deals.



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