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How to Keep Flooring Safe For Seniors, a 5-Minute Checklist

Keeping your senior safe from falls at your home or theirs starts with retaining them secure from slips & trips. If you’ve got a cherished elder, and you have ever puzzled a way to preserve floors safe for seniors, you are inside the right vicinity.

Take the time to go through each of your homes and theirs together with your “Eyes Wide Open,” searching out potential ground risks that might lead to an existence converting fall. Get rid of all throw rugs, vicinity rugs, electrical cords, and mud or sand that turned into tracked-in on shoes that might be loose on the ground. Remember, the #1 floor enemy of seniors is vicinity rugs. If you observe the bottom of a throw rug, you would possibly (or won’t) locate some rubbery non-slip coating designed to keep the throw rug from sliding. But it cannot maintain a throw rug from bunching up and inflicting a trip danger.

A residing room or any large room has to have one continuous type of floor at some point, so there aren’t any transitions or thresholds to create a ride chance. If you have got any saddle thresholds among rooms, it’d be a great concept to put off/replace them, so the floor transition from one room to any other is as clean as feasible without humps or bumps. As little as 1/4 inch trade in the top of the floor can purpose a ride.

A Special Note About How to Keep Flooring Safe for Seniors inside the Bathroom: The toilet floor is unique and wishes to have a few textures to it, so it stays non-slip even if it receives moisture. The lavatory is the wettest room inside the house. If you have tile to your senior’s bathroom, you could add a few non-slip strips to make it less slippery. You can buy rolls of this at Lowe’s, Home Depot, or maybe on Amazon. There also are anti-slip remedies that can be implemented to the floor to grow the coefficient of friction (make the floor much less slippery). Wet floors are a risky slip chance because it’s miles tough for your senior to see wherein the moist spots are on the floor.

If you operate any spray polish or cleaner, be privy to the overspray. The overspray from furnishings polish can make your floor very slippery. Instead of spraying the polish directly onto the furniture, spray the polish into your polishing fabric, then wipe your furniture. This will go away your floors clean and dry. As a fashionable rule, ease up spills and splashes immediately and keep your ground as dry as possible. While we’re close to cleansing up, choosing up is also an essential daily chore. Anything loose on the ground can purpose an experienced threat for your senior, like toys, dirt, extension cords, and recreation portions. Keep your floor clean & dry, and your loved senior can have a far safer life in their vicinity or yours.

5-Minute Checklist to Keep Flooring Safe for Seniors

> Walkthrough yours & they’re home along with your “Senior Hazard” eyes on
> Keep floors dry and easy
> Discard region or throw rugs
> Mark sloped or choppy floors with excessive visibility paint or tape
> Move electric cords out of taking walks pathway
> Be cautious whilst using polish and cleaners, avoid getting overspray on the floor

David commenced running with retirement homes in 2003. He helped resolve a huge hassle that almost all retirement houses have been having: how to get seniors on and rancid the transportation buses correctly. He has been a fierce endorsement for senior protection ever due to the fact. Learn extra approximately the numerous safety features of the Shure-Step Senior Step.



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