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How To Increase Traffic From TikTok In 2021

TikTok is expected to surpass 1.2 billion active users in 2019.  To successfully develop your presence on the platform, keep these viewing public, engagement-boosting, and content-shaping suggestions in mind!

Social media’s significance is growing at a rapid pace. The brand narrative is shifting, influencers are rapidly ascending to popularity, becoming the primary source of traffic for many businesses.

This article will discuss a specific and top-rated site, TikTok, and discuss the numerous strategies to generate traffic. Let us begin.


On TikTok, visits are generated exclusively from the links given in your bio. You cannot include links in the video’s description or direct viewers to your website from a specific video on your profile. In most situations, you’ll notice a link to another channel, that indicates you may learn more by clicking the link in the description.

It is critical to maintain consistency and meet the visitor’s expectations. If you cannot arrange your TikTok profile, you may try employing a home page builder to construct a sub-page that will ensure you do not lose any TikTok visitors.


TikTok prioritizes videos with a high level of engagement. All interactions — views, likes, shares, comments – contribute to that score.

TikTok is brimming with creators. Some have exceptional abilities, others have unique features, and yet others are simply fascinating. Consider Bella Poarch, who created a hypnotic head-bobbing clip that has amassed over 500 million views. Continuing with Bella Poarch’s tutorial, you may also generate sounds to boost your TikTok exposure.


If you post and your audience responds instantly (if you post during a favorable period), your engagement rate will increase. Your material will spread more quickly on the TikTok platform than if you post during a wrong time and your content marketing receives responses several hours later.

Posting content on timing helps to improve your views and followers count for your profiles. If you want to boost your followers, you may choose the second option: buy TikTok followers and increase your profile quality high. 


Influencer giveaways are one tactic that is gaining traction due to how well it fits into the social media marketing framework. Why? They have a high potential for virality and are not obtrusive.

You announce a reward like a product, a trial, a free consultation, a free lesson on online course platforms, a t-shirt, or limited-time access to your product or service, and to compete for the prize, your audience must do an action — such as follow you or post the photos.


Yes, you go to the ads manager and purchase your advertisements there – or you can contact any TikTok celebrity account directly to inquire about shoutout rates. Why?

Because you can more precisely target your audience and get a cheaper cost per conversion than with an advertising platform, it’s unsurprising that many affiliate websites, internet businesses, and drop-shippers operate in this manner.

Compared to Instagram, collaborating with TikTok influencers may be more challenging, as both accounts must follow one another to send DMs.


We’ve examined organic possibilities extensively; now, let’s discuss paid options. The benefits are self-evident — you get instant traffic without creating a following or worry about the content.

The primary advantage of paid advertisements is that you receive immediate results. Additionally, you may specify your target audience and desired outcome accurately. What is your objective? That is, we assume, not simply bringing a person to your site and then watching them go. If you already have email campaigns services in place, you want a conversion or, at the very least a lead.



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