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How to Choose the Perfect Trophy Material

If you’re in search of an individual-designed award or a pre-designed award and ready-to-go, knowing what material you’d like your trophy to be constructed in will make a big impact.

The material you select can provide you with a wide variety of options, as well as create new opportunities for your trophy design.

So, in this post, we’ll talk about the various characteristics and features you may require to award your prize, as well as the types of materials best for that particular design.

Sustainable and environmentally friendly material used for the trophy

The most requested things people want to include in their awards is green or sustainable alternatives.

The good news is that there are probably numerous more sustainable options than you realize!

Wood is usually the preferred eco-friendly trophy material for the majority of people, but it’s crucial to confirm that the designer of your awards uses sustainably-sourced wood. Not all producers use sustainable wood.

The great feature of wooden awards is that, in addition to being environmentally friendly, they inspire the idea of being green. If you look at a wooden award or medal, it appears to be more kind to the planet than glass, acrylic or even metal.

However, that doesn’t mean other materials won’t be also sustainable!

If you’re in search of an environmentally friendly trophy it’s crucial to select the best producer before deciding on a product. Certain award-makers will offer more sustainable options than others. They might have eco-friendly manufacturing and packaging methods too!

The best materials for plaques outdoors

Certain kinds of awards require specific criteria This is especially for outdoor plaques.

The right material for your plaque is crucial since it must be waterproof, weatherproof and beautiful even after exposure to the elements for many years.

The most well-known choice was the traditional brass plaque. It’s a classic material and is still an excellent choice because they’re durable and easy to clean. They always appear great.

If you’re looking for an edgier style an acrylic plaque could be a great option. As durable as metal

plaques, acrylic is a more flexible option, offering numerous designs and colors to think about.

Another reason to select acrylic for your business’s plaque is the fact that it’s ideal for printing digitally. It allows you to print intricate, high-resolution designs on the acrylic plaque, giving the option of customizing your plaque to take it to the next level.

Medal materials

Silver, gold and bronze. Of course they’re the three things that pop into your thoughts when thinking about medals. However, you might not realize that there are a lot different options to choose from.

Metal medals that have a high polish finish are classic and have always been popular, but there is a trend of seeing more people choose more unusual materials like wood and acrylic.

Combinations of materials for Trophy

One of the most popular trends in award design is the use of an assortment of different materials to make the perfect trophy.

From metal and glass awards to acrylic and wood combinations, these designs get the best of the various materials and utilize contrasts to highlight the strengths of each. They could make beautiful perpetual cups.

If you choose to use various materials to create trophy pieces There is usually more versatility in the design, since you can combine elements that have distinct characteristics.

Some of the most requested materials are metal and acrylic trophies. They have a great combination of contrast and complementary elements that showcase the best in both materials.

Textured materials for trophy construction

Sometimes, your choice of material for your trophy isn’t just about appearance but more about the feel and that’s where the texture is essential.

Metal awards possess a cold, hard appearance, and can be highlighted by a beautiful high-polishing or softened with an engraved finish. In the same way, glass is cool, smooth and firm to the touch.

Acrylic is a bit softer and warmer to hold however when it’s an untextured surface it also has a soft feel, although it can also be moulded into a form with the appearance of a texture.

If you’re seeking an award that has a naturally tactile feel, the most suitable choice is wood.

Wood is warm and natural, with a distinct grain which makes each award unique in design, making it an excellent choice for an opulent award.




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