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How Much is the ILR Fee?

Indefinite leave to remain or settlement allows the applicant to live and work in the UK unrestricted. Having a valid ILR helps you to leave and re-enter the UK without any special visa. 

Having a UK ILR means you have legally lived in the UK for continuous 5 years.

ILR does not allow you to exercise your voting rights in the UK. ILR can lead to British citizenship.

If you are absent from the UK for more than 2 year period then your ILR can be terminated.

General eligibility requirements

To become eligible to apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain you must fulfill:

  • Legally living in the UK for a continuous period of time
  • There should be no criminal record in your name 
  • You must not have stayed outside the UK for more than 180 days in a 12 month period to qualify.
  • Pass certificate of the Life in the UK test.
  • Have the English language proficiency of B1 level in listening and speaking as set out by the Common European Framework of Languages.

Which form should I use?

There are mainly two forms that are used for the Indefinite Leave to Remain application.

  1. Form Set(O)
  2. Form Set(M)

Form Set (M) is a form that needs to be completely filled by an applicant applying for Indefinite Leave to Remain as a partner, parents of a child who is already settled in the UK.

Form Set(O) is used for all other categories of Indefinite Leave to Remain application. It includes those who have been living under UK Tier 1 investor and Global Talent visas, Skilled Worker Visas, PBS dependents and  UK Ancestry visas.

Fee for Indefinite Leave to Remain 

For an Indefinite Leave to Remain application, the applicant needs to pay an amount of £2,389. 

If a dependent or family is applying, then they must also pay the entire fee amount of  £2389.

The applicants can also choose expedited, depending on the country they are applying for. Expedite service enables you to get quick service on your application. The premium service processes your application within 5 working days and costs additionally a fee of  £500, and the super-priority will process your application within a working day, costing an additional amount of £800.

What documents do I need during my application?

The documents and information which you may asked to furnish in your application:

  • Current Passport and any previous passports which expired during the UK residency period
  • A history of your UK immigration
  • Two similar passport-sized photos
  • Pass certificate of the English language proficiency test 
  • Pass the Life in the UK test 
  • Birth certificates
  • Details of any time spent outside the UK during your UK residency period
  • Details of your finances, including bank statements, payslips, etc.

Take legal assistance

The ILR application could take as much as 6 months to complete the processing. 

At times, the waiting time and compliance could seem daunting. You must consult the best immigration lawyers in London

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