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Why is Profile Forte, Ludhiana’s No.1 Cosmetic Surgery Clinic?

2021 Witnessed an increase in both the hair transplant and Fat Removal in Surgery in Punjab. We are feeling proud enough to tell you that 70% of such surgeries have been performed at our clinic.

Here are the reasons for that:

Technological Advancement

Every day, new and new technological advancements keep on taking place. And we make sure that we keep ourselves equipped with all since we know how important technological development is for the success rates.

Unbeatable Staff

For every service, we do have specialized staff. The doctors and the cosmetic surgeons are carefully chosen after going through the tough recruitment criteria.

Transparent Services

Many hair transplant clinics do not maintain transparent service. They hide things from their patients. But we do not. We believe that the person can only get satisfied at the end of the procedure if he has kept realistic expectations from the beginning of the procedure.

Hear a Story

We once experienced a patient who earlier visited many hair transplant clinics, but none of them told him to keep realistic expectations. He was made to believe that he would experience the results within 2 months after undergoing the Hair Transplant in Punjab, which was not possible. It takes at least 8 months for the procedure to show the results. He googled the same. So he was in search of a clinic that would ask him to keep realistic expectations by rendering a transparent consultation. We provided him with what he was searching for. He was happy with the services.

No need for the REPAIR Surgery

Dr Vikas Gupta believes in delivering the results at the one go. According to the doctor, “It is a matter of shame for me if the patients need to take the repair procedure.”

This is the main reason that we put our 100% in getting successful results on the first attempt. Be it the fat removal surgery or the hair transplant, never have ever the patient has felt the need to undergo the repair procedure.

Ideal Guidance to the patients

Since the procedure never gets terminated as soon as the doctor puts odeon the weapon. The results of the procedure are never experienced unless and until the patients have shown their 50% efforts by following every measure of the recovery period.

Keeps check until the outcomes are gained

The gaining of successful outcomes is super important for both the doctors and the patients. Dr Vikas Gupta believes in tracking the outcomes by conducting follow-up sessions. The patient needs to check everything.

Final Comments!

If you are willing to undergo any cosmetic procedure like hair transplant or body fat removal, then please book your appointment with Dr Vikas Gupta, the head of the PROFILE FORTE which is Ludhiana’s No. 1 Clinic for providing cosmetic services.

To know more about us, please check our website: https://profilecosmeticsurgery.com/



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