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Hair Growth Of The Transplanted Hair Grafts

This question is usually asked by all the patients, “When shall my hair start growing after a hair transplant?”

The answer to that is our today’s blog which represents the breakdown information of our today’s blog:

First Month

The first month will experience the traumatisation of the transplanted hair and their location as well. This period is known for shock loss. The shock loss means that the transplanted hair will fall out within 0 to 7 days. The growth of the new hair will take place in between 1 to 4 weeks. At this stage, the growth of the hair completely stops and the transplanted shafts of the hair begin to fall out along with the scabs.

Did you know?

The hair shedding which takes place between 4 to 5 days after the surgery is known as the hair shafts.

Stepping into the telogen phase

After 8 to 10 weeks have passed since you have undergone a hair transplant in Punjab, the hair follicles will step into the telogen phase.

You must know!

Since the hair is an individual structure, it will lose contact with the follicles and will fall out.

But, yes, the readers must know that the growth status of both the donor area and the recipient area is completely different. The donor area will start to grow the hair immediately (within a week) and we’ll cover the extracted donor area will the hair follicles within a month.

3 to 6 months after the hair transplant

Hair transplant cost does not merely include the money, rather it includes the pain, discomfort and most importantly ‘Patience’. Believe me or not. It does.

Immediately after 3 to 6 months have passed the hair growth in the scalp start to escalate. The newly grown hair will have the characteristics same as the body hair does. They will be extremely thin and curly. After their length keeps increasing, they get straight and will obtain a thicker and fuller look.

6 to 9 months

It is known as the hair bursting stage. This stage witnesses the growth and thickening of the hair. Even after the 9 months, the new hair will keep up with the growth for the next few months so that the scalp gets the proper adjustments.

 9-12 months

This stage is categorized as the final thickening. You will love this stage as you are granted several freedoms. You can style your hair and have a haircut as you like.

But, make sure you are not using any harsh equipment on your scalp. Do not use scissors or razors.

12 to 15 months

This is the stage where you can obtain the final results. But yes, the growth is different from person to person. But yes, one of our observances has said that the final results are gained at a fast rate in younger patients.

Final Comments!

To know more such interesting facts about hair transplant, please keep on reading our articles and blogs.



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