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Four Mistakes You Make WithYour Vehicle That Risk Your Safety

You don’t have to own or drive a car to know how busy US roads are, irrespective of your region’s population. Millions of US residents are proud owners of vehicles of all types and sizes, ranging from compact cars to heavy-duty shipment trucks, and they all drive on the same roads across the country. Since the road traffic has been increasing with time, it isn’t easy today to drive comfortably and to ensure that you remain safe on the road.

The talks concerning road safety were always there. But factoring in the numbers of vehicles and accidents now, every person has to pay attention to the subject. Thousands of road accidents happen across the US, and about a hundred people lose their lives to fatal crashes every day. You or anyone would wonder what makes the number that huge? You might be positive that you are great behind the wheel and responsible for focusing when you drive. Most US drivers share the same sentiment, and it’s not necessarily untrue. But your sensible approach to driving is not the only thing that will keep you safe on the road.

Not all accidents, from fatal crashes to minor fender benders, are a fault of driver’s negligence or drunk driving. Apart from preparing yourself by practicing safe driving methods and techniques, you also need to focus on your vehicle’s overall condition and preparedness. Most vehicles, including yours, might appear faultless when you see them on the road, but a big percentage of them lack few or significant features that make them a danger for the road. If you are unsure what you have been doing wrong with your vehicle, here are some mistakes you could be making that can compromise your and others’ safety on the road.

Untimely engine maintenance

The USA is a large country and so is its network of roads. So, the average distance a driver covers with their vehicle in the states would be higher than anywhere else. But the countless miles don’t just have an impact on your meter. Constant driving affects your vehicle engine the most. If it takes a serious noticeable issue for you to consider vehicular servicing, it’s time to change that approach. An unmaintained engine and other auto-electronics can heavily risk your safety by randomly failing to work apart from affecting the performance.

Refusal to change overused tires

While your engine is handling the vehicular motion for the drive, it’s the tires that contact the road in the process. The roads in your area might be in good condition, but can you say the same about the tires. Tires used for long and lack grip can be extremely dangerous since they can puncture or burst anytime on a busy street. Also, the absence of grip makes your vehicle a hazard during bad driving conditions like snowfall or floods. So, like engine maintenance, it’s essential to upgrade the tires to brand new ones after a considerable number of miles.

Not utilizing safety lights

No matter the size and purpose of the vehicle, it is difficult to drive them in low-light conditions. Things like the clearance and marker lights on trucks or RVs and strobe vehicle lights for emergency vehicles are not only to distinguish them from an average car. The low-light conditions of night and bad weather like storms and heavy rainfall compromise your vehicle’s visibility to others and vice versa. If you don’t have bright and sturdy clearance and marker lights or strobe vehicle lights installed, you will risk causing or being part of a bad accident. So, it’s essential to include them in your vehicle modifications.

Avoiding sensors and backup alarm installation

Not just the drivers but companies in the automobile industry have worked towards better road safety and utilized the technology to make your experience safer. If you are driving an older model vehicle, it’s unlikely you have pre-fitted backup alarms and sensors that inform you about the distance between your vehicle and others. The lack of it would probably not cause a major accident if you own a small vehicle. But for a big vehicle like a truck and a bus, avoiding the sensors and alarms could make your vehicle dangerous for small cars and two-wheelers.

Since the small but essential additions like the clearance and marker lights, strobe vehicle lights, motion sensors, and backup alarms help keep you safe, you should get them in good quality and from a trustworthy brand. A high-standard product would effectively serve its purpose of ensuring your vehicle’s and your safety.



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