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Four Common Cases Private Investigators Handle

Oftentimes, the cases not taken by police and other professional departments are handled by a private investigator. For instance, if you are suspecting that your partner is cheating on you, you cannot go to anybody else other than a cheating partner Detective in the UK. 

To let you have a better understanding, we have compiled a list of cases that are undertaken by private investigators.

Background Checks

One of the many services provided by most detectives is background checks. A background check consists of a person’s history, their current critical information and their criminal record. Furthermore, a private investigator can also have access to their subject’s professional history and general social connections.  

A background check is required for several reasons For instance if an employer is hiring a new employee, but they are not sure about the decision, private investigators might help them to do the background check.`Similarly, if someone is about to start a business or buy a property, they can hire detectives to perform the background checks.

Background checks are also commonplace when two people are about to tie a knot with each other and one of them needs to feel reassured. Moreover, background checks might also be used to offer security clearance. 


A chief reason that brings most people to hire a private detective is to conduct surveillance. An individual might be required to conduct surveillance services when their life is in danger because of someone else, as people sometimes have an abusive ex that has threatened to harm them.

The civil investigation also requires surveillance, such as the times when insurance companies doubt a person who is alleging a serious injury. Other cases may involve worker’s compensation fee, corporate fraud, personal injury, infidelity and many others.

Investigating infidelity 

Since there are also cheating partner investigators, many people would hire private detectives to investigate their suspicions on their cheating partner.  Usually, infidelity investigations are requested by someone who wants to find out what their spouse is doing behind their back. That is because most people prefer an objective individual to determine ugly truths.

However, there are times when people would like to see infidelity transpiring in front of their eyes before they could form a solid decision. 

Other investigations 

Besides all the cases mentioned above, private investigators are required to investigate a diverse range of cases. Some investigations may involve insurance companies, while others might be regarding properties.

Investigators are also hired so the most secretive facts about people could come to light. Moreover, private detectives can find people who are involved in criminal activities. For instance, investigators uncover people who are involved in insurance frauds and people attempting to sabotage a shareholder or a business partner. 

In addition to everything, detectives are hired for cases requiring scrutinies, such as people who might be looking for domestic helpers or business partners. 

The investigation is also known as corporate investigation and it is usually needed when one business partner would want to look into the legitimacy of their other business partner. Investigation in the corporate sector is also needed for the loss of information and what happens behind their back. 

How does a private investigator work?

To conduct an effective investigation, private detectives rely on various tools to aid the process. For instance, they might require special databases that are possible via law enforcement investigators. 

To strengthen their investigative opinions regarding someone, detectives could check into the social media outlets for information regarding the fugitive’s whereabouts or find a missing person. For the latter, detectives might interrogate the lost or accused person’s family members, colleagues and neighbours. 

In addition, they also review the printed documents associated with their investigation subject. Skip traces and surveillance is a common trick here and they might be used to track someone’s transactions and movements. Surveillance is also done to keep track of the subject’s transactions and movements.

Besides, finding and collecting information from private detectives can assist you in many different ways. For instance, a private detective may also provide reports indicating the type of information. Furthermore, detectives can also provide videos and photographs during surveillance. In some cases, detectives also agree to testify at court regarding what they have observed.




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