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Five Ways Artificial Intelligence Can Benefit E-Commerce Businesses

Imagine everything that we have evolved in the world in recent years, we went from having to go out to buy some shoes in a shopping center or a store, to not having to go out and buy not only shoes but for everything we want online, from the comfort of the house. It doesn’t seem like a genius to them!

For example, launching an online business is a dream for many entrepreneurs, in the current scenario, creating a profitable company that needs a certain amount of time is not a big problem, since it is not necessary to pay for a physical store, everything you have to To do is set your own work hours, be flexible enough to work from home or anywhere you want, and most importantly, be able to earn money while you sleep.

However, creating an online business is still a lot of work, there are many ways for things to go wrong as the business operates 24/7, if the proper systems are not implemented, it can produce a rapid nosedive, this is where Artificial Intelligence (AI) comes into play.

In fact, major tech firms like Facebook, IBM, and Yahoo have publicly admitted that artificial intelligence has become a new source of business.

Next, we would like to mention some ways to use artificial intelligence for benefit in e-commerce.

Creating a chatbot focused on knowing your customer:

Can you imagine a company that allows eCommerce search engines to think in the same way that humans do? Well for that we have chatbots.

Whether it is an e-commerce platform such as pharmacies, a beauty salon page, or a gym, whenever we enter any of those web pages, these chatbots or virtual assistants appear from left to right, waiting for your questions.

Identify exceptional target prospects:

Are you facing challenges like lead generation? Most of the new artificial intelligence technology equips e-commerce companies with timely intelligence to solve such challenges, for example, GroupBy Inc. is one of those companies that provides artificial intelligence solutions for marketing, sales, and CRM systems, through the GroupBy software, which would be like the operations center from where the different service channels are integrated and from where you can have full access and control of your customers by connecting them with the entire team of agents and have the traceability of the entire process.

Next level of customization:

Personalization is not a new term for e-commerce, if you’ve been using Amazon, you know exactly what is about to be revealed at this point, with the ever-increasing advancements in artificial intelligence and technology technologies. Machine learning, deep new levels of personalization have begun to penetrate the rapidly growing world of e-commerce. Magento provides one of the best eCommerce solutions out there.

So next time when a consumer is browsing iPhone cases or something on your website, they are likely to get a push notification on their mobile about flash sales on iPhone cases, basically, it is a situation where both parties win.

Tailor content to individual users:

The more relevant your offers are to each of your individual customers, the more likely they are to take advantage of these offers, which is why many companies now use customer data to provide personalized content and recommendations.

Make the information available online:

One of the biggest benefits of the move to digital is also one of the simplest: the ability to store information online.

While companies used to store data primarily locally, advances in storage and security have made it common practice to use online methods, making it much more convenient for customers to find the information they are looking for, and Often, it eliminates the need to speak to an employee.



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