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Five Skills Needed to be a Successful Business Leader

The skills of a leader make the difference in the fight for business positioning in the market. A study by The Harvard Business Review found that one of the most important keys to determining the success of a company lies in the collaboration capabilities of its teams. It said, “As a business becomes increasingly global and cross-cutting, silos (isolated teams) break down, connectivity improves, and teamwork is crucial to organizational success.”

Leadership abilities are characteristics that permit the person to settle on better choices inside a structure of duty, allot accessible assets all the more productively, plan shrewdly, and oversee individuals from inspiration, energy, and responsibility.

These abilities do not have to do with the different types of leadership (in this post you can read which are the 5 most common to find out what kind of boss you are), but with the personal qualities of the person who is in charge of guiding others within the organization.


As entrepreneurs like Luigi Liscio Alto, Fred Blackford, and Diana Paredes, they establish the objectives of their businesses, commit themselves, and guide all their actions for the effective fulfillment of what they want, in order to obtain high-quality results.

Ability to coordinate and collaborate:

We have already seen at the beginning of the article how important team collaboration and coordination are. Therefore, the ability of a manager to encourage these behaviors is essential if he wants his team to achieve its objectives without wasting time or resources.

Until recently the possibilities were slim; Teams communicated through meetings or email, but in recent years platforms such as Slack, TribeScale or Basecamp have emerged as more advanced technological alternatives.

Strategic planning:

Strategic planning is the capacity of a pioneer to know the present status of the organization, the human group, and the assets accessible to it to build up a “course” that permits his group to accomplish the destinations set up for the task.

Strategic planning is made up of various skills of a leader such as intuition, creativity, and of course vision. If a director is drenched in his every day in absolutely chief errands, he may lose the overall vision of the organization and thusly can’t build up this arranging. For this reason, it is important that from time to time you step away from these tasks and take time to contemplate the situation from a “bird’s eye view”.

Communication skills:

Without good communication skills, it would be difficult to develop the other skills of a leader. The greatest and most inspiring have always distinguished themselves by having great oratorical skills, but make no mistake, in communication, knowing how to speak is as important as knowing how to listen.


Empathy is the ability to perceive what another person feels, that is, the ability to put oneself in the shoes of other people.

If we can place ourselves in the shoes of our partners, customers, or possible customers, it will be simpler for us to understand their circumstances and for us to have the option to grow great communication with them pointed toward accomplishing our goals.

These are some of the skills you require if you want to become a business leader like Anthony Liscio Alto, Jeremy Lamri, and Enass Abo-Hamed.



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