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Find the Best Extended Warranty Plans for Your Home Appliance

Today everyone is so much dependent on electrical appliances and gadgets in our daily lives. And even the thought of the damage of our devices scares us as it may stop us from doing our daily routines. Therefore, we have come up with an idea of extended warranties where one can purchase to extend their device’s warranty and get free of cost repair and service. We provide our services irrespective of the time and place to our customers. Get the 100% assistance of our excellent team in just a few clicks and extend your home appliance warranties.

Keep Your Home Appliance Always Running with We Connect Care

An extended warranty plan can provide you with product coverage above and beyond the terms and life of a manufacturer’s warranty. We are all here to help you in case your appliance stops working. These extended warranties are a way to get peace of mind regarding the safety of the product and its repair cost as it charges a bit costly without a manufacturing warranty. Hence, we protect your appliance against costly repairs or replacements and unexpected product failures and breakdowns. 

Get Extended Warranty for Mobile: Let’s Protect Your Mobile against Damages

We Connect Care provides an Extended Warranty for a Mobile plan that protects your smartphone and gives you complete peace of mind against any kind of Accidental Damages or Theft which is available as per your plan. We take care of your mobile by providing proper assistance and protection for your device in case of any accidents, breakage & liquid damages.

We arrange a safe pickup and delivery of your device to your doorstep. The Extended Warranty for Mobile covers heavy repair & replacement costs. We will take the device to the service center, get it repaired and deliver it back to you without you stepping out of your house and spending a single rupee. 

We Connect Care Services for Extended Warranty for Mobiles 

  • Doorstep Pickup & Drop 
  • Authorized service centers
  • Instant Expert Help
  • Secure Your Data
  • Provide You Backup Plan
  • 100% Cashless Repairs
  • 24/7 customer care support

Our Services for Extended Warranty for Refrigerator 

Avail of the Extended Warranty for Refrigerators and upgrade your refrigerator’s warranty and extend it up to additional years as much as you want to protect your device. You can get a free replacement in return if we fail to repair and replace the guaranteed product. 

  • We extend your manufacturer’s warranty to make your refrigerator last longer.
  • We provide an Extended Warranty for Refrigerators of all brands in India.
  • We are best for providing free pick up and free drop service at your doorstep.
  • If we cannot repair it in time then repair or replacement is guaranteed.
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