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Find Out How CompTIA Certifications Can Help IT Professionals to Retain the Edge?

The IT industry is booming with certifications that promise not only to upskill but help you in getting that job you have been eyeing for so long. One of the leading IT certification providers is CompTIA, with popular ones such as Network +, A+ and Security+. Beginners, as well as experienced It professionals, can benefit from CompTIA certification. 

The most significant benefit of these certifications is vendor neutrality. In simple terms, the knowledge and skill base that you develop from CompTIA certifications are universally applicable. They are not linked to any specific IT vendor such as VMware, Microsoft, Cisco and HP. Let’s know more about how CompTIA certifications give you an edge over the competition regardless of your current experience or knowledge level.

Advantages Of Getting CompTIA Certified

CompTIA certifications are your doorway to excellent knowledge and job opportunities. Here are some benefits that make CompTIA certifications so popular amongst IT professionals and beginners.

Build Robust Base Of IT Knowledge

No matter which field you go for in the IT industry, you require a solid foundation of specific IT knowledge and skills. CompTIA certifications help you in developing a solid base before jumping into higher certifications. Additionally, they offer a competitive edge in the job market and are a prerequisite for some profiles as they prove robust knowledge. It is like the basics of grammar before you start writing a novel.

Recognized By Other Certifications And Institutions

Another benefit of pursuing CompTIA certifications is the credibility they get from giant specific IT vendors such as HP, Cisco, Microsoft and Novell. Credentials like Network+ and A+ are given a priority in the learning track of vendor-specific certifications. Moreover, many colleges and universities provide additional credit to CompTIA certified students. Therefore, CompTIA certifications are well recognized by both IT giants and educational institutions.

Gives A Boost To Your Confidence

Many people who are just starting their career in IT go through low confidence because of the competition around. The only way to cut through it is by upskilling yourself and gaining as much knowledge as you can. CompTIA certification will not only help you gain relevant understanding but boost your confidence. You will have proof of your excellent knowledge and credibility before employers and your peers. It also pushes you to take up new challenges.

Raise Your Compensation Level

The IT industry is known for its generous payout to knowledgeable people. CompTIA certifications are a fundamental requirement for many job applications, and a lot of challenging roles require these certifications as mandatory credentials. According to an income survey, people with relevant and quality certification such as CompTIA beg higher salary packages than those who are not certified in the same profile. Apart from credibility, CompTIA certifications have a good ROI.

Now, Let’s look into the most popular CompTIA certifications that can provide you with a footing in the IT field you are seeking.

Three Popular CompTIA Certifications And Their Benefits

There are three quite popular CompTIA courses, mainly A+, Network+ and Security+ explained as below:

CompTIA A+

It is an industry-recognized certification that provides foundational knowledge of computer software and hardware. With CompTIA A+, you can apply for jobs such as computer technician, help desk specialist, field service technician and technical support representative. Additionally, professionals with A+ certification are considered highly motivated and qualified and earn at least 15% more than their peers.

CompTIA Network+

The CompTIA Network+ certification builds strong foundational networking concepts and skills such as TCP IP fundamentals, Windows networking skills etc. The job profiles that open up are network technician, network engineer, network administrator and other networking positions. Leading IT players such as Microsoft, Cisco and Novell use Network+ certification in conjunction with their learning pathways.

CompTIA Security+

The Security+ certification is the best credential for developing a solid knowledge of IT security. Additionally, it meets the Department of Defense’s security standards. You can apply for jobs such as security analyst, security specialist and network security engineer. Security+ certified professionals are in high demand in IT companies such as IBM, HP, Motorola and even U.S. armed forces.


CompTIA training can catapult a beginners career to new heights and bring higher positions to experienced IT professionals. Therefore, investing in CompTIA certifications will be one of the best decisions you can make for your career growth. 

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