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Why & Where To Embed Facebook Feed On Website? – Its Benefits

by Daisy Smith
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Social media has emerged as an efficient and effective marketing platform for many marketers and businesses.  

Amongst various social media platforms, the top preference of brands is Facebook – the oldest and the social media platform which created a buzz about socializing. One of the most effective methods adopted by brands to grab the attention of audiences is embedding Facebook feed on the website. 

Many marketers have seen tremendous growth in their conversion and sales after they embed Facebook feed on the website. 

Keep reading the blog till the end to know everything about Facebook feeds. It including the amazing benefits and the web pages on your website which are ideal to embed Facebook feed on. 

What Is Facebook Feed?

The content which you see after logging into your Facebook account can be referred to as Facebook feed. It consists of all kinds of content on the platform be it in the form of images, videos, or text-based. 

The content feed on Facebook is in reverse chronological order where all the latest feeds are displayed on the top followed by the older updates or posts.

When you log in, you see all the posts created by the people you are following, and similarly, your followers are able to see the content posted by you.

The Amazing Benefits Of Embedding Facebook Feed On Website:

1. Escalated Engagement

Facebook is like a giant tool of User-Generated Content. Integration User-Generated Content on the website will grab more attention of the users and compel them to be on the website for a longer period of time. 

People look forward to something new and interesting. After you embed Facebook feed on your website, you will see an increase in the dwell time of visitors as well. Hence, leading to overall increased engagement. 

2. Makes The Website Attractive

Embed Facebook feed on the website to improve the overall look and to add vibrancy to the website. Your audience will get more attracted to your website once they see an attractive and appealing element on the website and they may feel the need to explore more. 

3. Grow Your Business With Social Proof 

When customers shop from your brand and leave behind a review or a testimonial in the form of a picture, video, or be it in form of texts, they give you a chance to build social proof. Embed Facebook feeds using UGC and effectively build a social proof of your brand. 

Utilize it when people post content using your branded hashtags or shop directly from your Instagram account. 

4. Instill Trust In Your Customers 

When you embed Facebook feed, you display what other customers have to say about your products and services. What they experienced with your brand, you build social proof for sure but you also gain the trust of your customers. 

Trust is the basis of any relationship and once you gain the trust of your customers, you build a good client relationship with your customers and they feel the need to make a purchase since they have complete faith in your brand. 

5. Maximize Conversions and Sales

At the end of the day, your customer is king, and to see increased sales, you need to present them a reason big enough. 

Once the above points are covered and taken into consideration, you will ultimately see massive growth in your conversions and sales. Embed Facebook feed to see all the key benefits. 

Where To Embed Facebook Feed On The Website?

By now you must be wondering where exactly to embed Facebook feed on the website. We understand that it can be confusing to determine where exactly to display your Facebook feed and we have the answer! 

The best web pages to embed Facebook feed would be the landing page to leave a good first impression about your business and to take the visitor into confidence. 

If not the landing page, you can integrate the feed in the reviews/testimonials section of your website since visitors look forward to reading reviews. 

Lastly, you can embed reviews in the checkout section where visitors have added items to the cart but are slightly apprehensive about your products. At this stage, visitors are most vulnerable to leaving the website. Hence, to push them to make the purchase and go ahead, you can display your feed here! 

Summing It Up

Facebook feeds can prove beneficial for the growth of your brand if leveraged properly. Embedding social media feeds into the website especially Facebook feeds has become the most powerful and result-driven strategy to increase user engagement, increase brand presence and visibility, and ultimately boost your conversions and sales. 

We hope you found incredible information and got value in the blog. Embed Facebook feed right away and see maximize your profits and make your brand reach the pinnacle of success.  

All you require is a highly responsive Facebook aggregator and you are good to go! 

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