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Egg Freezing is a viable option for couples planning to conceive at a later age

Egg Freezing – Working Wonders To Preserve fertility

In medical terms, egg freezing is also known as oocyte cryopreservation. During the procedure, the viable egg count is:

  • Retrieved
  • Frozen
  • Stored (Future pregnancy)

Once the couple is ready, the frozen eggs are thawed, fertilized, and then put back to the uterus to boost the chances of conception. In case you don’t want to get pregnant before you have settled down in your career, then better talk to the fertility expert about egg freezing. By doing so, even if you have any other fertility issues, the doctor at the IVF Centre in Punjab will give you a customized solution to boost your pregnancy chances.

Which is the latest technology in egg freezing?

Vitrification – One of the latest approaches is used to freeze eggs. This latest technology is extremely beneficial and boosts the survival rate as compared to earlier methods used for freezing.

Moreover, the vitrification method has improved even more and the method of cryotec is used. The way it is done and its effectiveness has made it the most effective option in all ways. So, if you are looking to preserve your reproductive health then better use this method on time.

In case, you need to get the test tube baby treatment then depending on your condition, you will be given the treatment plan. This way you will know better about the Test tube baby cost which you need to pay for the treatment.

Which is the right age to freeze my eggs?

Understand that your reproductive health is at its peak at an early age. The ideal age to get the egg freezing done is before you have turned 35. Before this age, the egg quality and quantity are both at their peak. Make sure that you choose to get the egg retrieval process and cryopreservation method under the guidance of the best fertility doctor.

On the other hand, women who are 43 years of age are not suitable candidates for egg freezing. At this point, neither the egg quality nor egg count is what is needed. That’s not all, the chromosomal issues are also at their peak at this time which is the reason egg freezing is not suggested.

Who needs egg freezing?

The option of egg freezing is suggested when in the following cases:

  • You don’t want to conceive at an early age
  • You are single and you haven’t found your partner
  • You are diagnosed with medical conditions like cancer & doctor has suggested getting radiotherapy & chemotherapy

What will happen during an egg freezing program?

Initially, the doctor will do the egg freezing assessment. Later, the injection will be given which allows the ovaries to stimulate themselves, and then it will boost the total number of egg counts. In this case, through an extremely fine needle, the viable egg count will be taken out. Later for 2 to 4 hours, the egg maturation is carried out. Then comes the vitrification and Cryotec freezing technology is used which allows it to thaw it.

Schedule your initial consultation

If you would like to get the egg freezing done, then better schedule your initial consultation at the Gem Hospital and IVF Centre & know what needs to be done.




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