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Do I Need To Shave My Head Before Fue?

No Need To Shave Your Head Before Fue: It Is Not Going To Affect The Outcomes


A hair transplant is not for you if you do not agree to shave your head.


FUE procedure, one of the variants of the hair transplant in Vizag can be done without shaving your head entirely,

Journey To The Successful Outcomes Of The Hair Transplant And That Too Without Shaving Your Head Completely 

Preparations: physical examination and treatment framing

The initial step to your journey to the hair transplant in Kakinada will be ‘Consulting with a cosmetic surgeon. He will assess your hair loss condition thoroughly and will find out the best treatment plan for your condition.

The next step here will involve shaving the donor regions for the extraction process (part of the procedure).

The question is: ‘Do I need to shave my entire head?’

Well, NO. Not really!

The fact is shaving your head makes the procedure to be performed easily but it is surely not a parameter for a successful hair transplant.

Procedure Begins

Anaesthesia & Extraction Process

This is the first step of the procedure. Based on your medical condition and how nervous you are before the procedure, the doctor will determine which anaesthesia among the following will be best to administer the patient:

  • Local Anesthesia
  • General anaesthesia

Placement of the grafts

Once the hair grafts are extracted and observed in the lab for having the necessary characteristics for growth, the second phase of the procedure – Graft Placement will be carried out.

If the doctors have used the local anaesthesia to be administered, then only the area upon which the surgical procedure will be performed be numbed. The rest of your body will be in its senses and you are free to do the following:

  • Listen to your favourite songs that will keep you relaxed
  • Talk to the wonderful team
  • Watch a movie

After the procedure is complete, the doctors will not allow you to flaunt your transplanted hair right away. Patience is key to successful outcomes.

You will get a gauze bandage in the donor area.

A mesh cap that fits your loose will protect the appearance of the transplanted grafts.

Post Operative Care

The procedure does not end after you have gotten bandages. It is halfway through. The last and the most crucial stage of the procedure which could be a determinant or a parameter for the success of the procedure is Postoperative care.

Do not forget to follow any of the instructions enlisted by the doctor.

It is quintessentially necessary for you to keep up with regular visits. Vist the doctors on the following dates:

  • Day 1
  • Day 7
  • Day 14
  • After 6 months
  • After 12 months

Overhaul your diet and keep up with a good regime that will help you with the extreme nutritional gain that is important for your recovery.

Final Comments!

I hope your confusion regarding whether the whole head needs to be shaved before FUE is solved. If you are not willing to do so, then you are not at all forced to do so. It’s completely your will. Also, the cosmetic surgeons of the Vjs cosmetic surgery and the hair transplantation centre have said, “ to have a head shaved before the procedure or not have nothing to do with the eventual outcomes.”



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