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Custom Boxes: Expectations vs Reality

In today’s age, the packaging of products has dramatically changed. Now people don’t want to buy goods packed in standard boxes but demands for customized and personalized packaging. That’s why customers and brands are focusing more on custom-made packaging. With the changing trends, customer’s and brands expectations are also getting high about the Custom Boxes and packaging.

When we talk about packaging and containers, there is a lot of confusion. As a packaging expert, custom packaging pro has highlighted some of the customer’s expectations and what is the actual reality

Expectations: Custom Boxes are Really Expensive

Reality: Customized Packaging is Cheap as Compared to other Options

Most of the brands expect customized packaging to be expensive as compared to plastic packaging. But if you think carefully, customized containers are much cheaper and easily accessible. Printing and artwork add to the cost but many packaging companies offer an affordable rate for printing and designing services. The interesting fact is that as your order increase the price of packaging containers will decrease.

Expectations: It generates a lot of Waste and is not Eco-Friendly

Reality: All the boxes are of recyclable material and also offer reusability

Not only bands but most of the customers also think that custom packaging consumes a lot of energy and generates waste. Also, there is a myth that sustainable packaging is plain not printed. But the truth is that all the material for the packaging is partially or fully recyclable. Customers can reuse the box many times before final disposal. Brands can also recycle the material to generate new containers.

Expectations: Customized boxes are not suitable for my needs

Reality: You can get the Perfect Box According to your Product’s Need

Some products are delicate and some doesn’t need much attention. While designing packaging for their products, many companies opt for standard boxes as they think the custom-made package will not meet product requirements. But it is wrong; you can get the perfect box for your product as long as you choose custom packaging. You just have to tell your requirements to the packaging expert and can leave the rest on him.

Expectations: It is a long Process

Reality: You will get the fastest Turnaround time for Printed Packaging

Another biggest misconception about the custom-made boxes is that it’s a long process. You will have to wait for a month to get your order. It will make brands think that it will make them late to enter in the market. Once you have approved all the options, it will only take seven weeks to get your desired box. It also depends on your order but usually, the turnaround time is not more than 2 weeks.

Expectation: Customers only Care about the Quality of the Product

Reality: Packaging is as important as the Product

Most of the brands only focus on the quality of the product and ignore the packaging completely. The reason is that they think customers don’t care about the product packaging box. If your packaging will be not on point, customers will not give an eye to your product. But customized design and print will attract customers.

Customized Packaging is the opening for your brand recognition in the market. In addition, it is a mobile advertisement for your product.


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