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Cullamix Tyrolean Surfaces for Commercial Use

If you’re looking for the best commercial-grade waterproofing compound available, check out Cullamix Tyrolean. It’s the only compound included in the Tyrolean series that is designed specifically for use in both interior and exterior grade concrete applications. It offers superior wear resistance and superior chemical resistance than any other conventional waterproofing agent on the market today. Cullamix Tyrolean surfaces are designed to resist all kinds of water – from rain, sleet, and even the worst kinds of pool water.

What makes this concrete waterproof? 

There are several ingredients including silicone oil and dimethylaminoethanol (DMAE). All of these ingredients work together to form an extremely thick emulsion that stops water from leaking onto the surface. Once applied to a surface, this emulsion will adhere itself to the surface like no other. The concrete surface grade of your choice can be wetted with standard water, and then after just 24 hours, the waterproof topcoat such as weberpral mf and webersil p will seal the surface, preventing rain, sleet, or other water damage from occurring.

With traditional sealants, there’s always the concern that somehow, some type of water might escape from the sealant. This can happen with any sealant, whether it’s oil-based or latex-based. When water leaks into these sealants, they tend to expand and cause swelling and mildew. As a result, the color of the sealant begins to fade, as well as the gloss and the bonding strength. This can actually devalue your surface grade because you’ll end up having to repair any unsightly blemishes caused by expanding sealants.

Cullamix Tyrolean Helps Prevent Sealants Expansion, Swelling, and Mildew

This doesn’t have to happen with Cullamix Tyrolean. Once the water evaporates from the surface, the silicone oils will lock up and prevent water from seeping into the surface. The oils will also resist water being absorbed by the concrete, which ensures the concrete surface stays dry throughout the application of the waterproofing compound. This is a much more resilient and durable sealant than traditional waterproofing methods, and it makes sense when you think about how often concrete surfaces are exposed to moisture.

Because this waterproofing sealant is so durable, it can also last for many years. Unlike other waterproofing products that can become ineffective after just a few years, with Cullamix Tyrolean, you can continue to use it without fear of it becoming obsolete. It will still perform its intended task, which is to keep water out of the concrete, protecting it from staining or shrinking over time. 

It can also work in tandem with other products, such as polyurethane or even acrylics to provide a polished exterior that can be kept looking great even after heavy downpours of rain. In fact, when you think about it, you’ll find that this coating can actually help reduce the need for the replacement of your waterproofing products, saving you money in the long run.

Cullamix Tyrolean Stands for Durability 

While there are many waterproofing products on the market today, many of them have been released before they can really take effect. While there are some waterproofing agents that can work in conjunction with these products, none of them can provide as effective an all-around seal when combined with Cullamix Tyrolean. This is because it has superior ingredients to back up its superior durability. 

Not only does it have this unique waterproofing seal, but it also has the unique ability to create a chemical bond with concrete, helping to create a nearly impenetrable barrier against water and most other forms of stain. This unique trait makes it very effective for jobs that require waterproofing concrete surfaces. 

Cullamix Tyrolean for Exterior and Interior Waterproofing 

You can use it for both exterior and interior waterproofing, meaning you can protect the interior surfaces of your home while also ensuring that any spills are easily cleaned up. It’s especially good for commercial properties that have a large amount of traffic passing through, as concrete surfaces in this area can quickly become stained and faded from the effects of cleaning detergents and oils, not to mention the effects that grease and oil can have on concrete surfaces if they remain sitting on them for too long.


The Cullamix Tyrolean surface coating can offer a superior level of waterproofing than most other products on the market today and is easy to use even for novice do-it-yourselfers. You can apply it by hand or with the included sprayer, and the results are impressive. This is why so many leading building contractors rely on the high-quality products that this company produces.



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